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University Of California Davis Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Sacramento County, CA.

University Of California Davis Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Of California Davis Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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I have been only studying the school even tho I am wanting to attend a cool art school in San Francisco so UC divas seems to be a school that is more for people who want to life active and have to have a challenging time to get a teachers attention with a lot of compaction, if you want to get a great year in college, don't go here were there are a lot of challenges and 'unfairness'. I'm 15 and already plan on not going here (a month ago)

uc Davis deserves zero stars. Jammed pack office hours with ta and professors who give you little time to help you on a assignments because they only want to attend to students who they feel will do well. Teachers are very discouraging to black student. Professors told me that I can't pass the class despite the grade saying that I could still pass with other assignments. Had the same professors say I need to be in remedial writing class for non native English speakers. Also if you are black student be very very very cautious of your work because there are uknown white teacher assistant in your department that will b single you out for unnecessary cheating by focusing on your plagiarism rather than content and then report you unexpectedly .In my 12 years of education I haven't had any problem with playgarism till I came here This school is for Berkeley rejects so if you don't get into ucb or ucla this is the perfect school for you. Don't let the good reviews fool you that UC Davis is a good school because it totally the opposite . The people who have done well at this school are the students who have access to past exams that proffesors end up using the the next quarter and then when they get a good grade they claim that uc davis is on par with berkeley our ucla which it is not the case at all. The point of college is to learn on your own I am really disappointed with the academics here at davis. . I wish i had stayed at my community college longer and then transfer to uc Berkeley our UCLA . Since i been here i have not gotten a single good grade so far despite the effort that i put in . I lost my acceptance to UCLA because of this terrible school. My best grades have come from uc Berkeley summer courses and I will most likely finish all of my elective requirement next spring summer and fall at UC Berkeley. My advice to prospective students is to stay away from this uc at all cost if your doing social sciences, choose Berkeley instead you wont regret it. Berkeley offers 45 upper division classes that are 5 units with a wide range of professors who have been teaching for 40years compare that to UC Davis 15 classes with the same professor who teaches 15 classes our a professor who probably is just coming as a adjunct proffesor for a quarter . so if you end up with a bad professor at uc Davis your screwed . i given this school a chance since transferring in 2016 and it fallen my expectation of what a uc education is suppose to look like as a non science major. Uc Davis spend a million dollars this year alone on a new scoreboard for there subpar football team instead of filling the sociology department with more upper division professors who can teach more than just 18 classes (in the last week)

I'm still in middle school but this is my dream college I have been working my hardest to get good grades and be a good student I really hope to go there one day and become a vet I know I'm planning early but I just love animals and they love me (2 months ago)

UCD is a great school. It will definitely shape any student for success in the real World. As an Alumnist, 2007, going to UCD is one of the best decision I made in life. (4 months ago)

This collage sounds awesome even though i am in middle school i would like to go to (UOCD). (2 months ago)

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