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Comprehensive information on symptoms, diagnoses and treatments offered at UAB Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama, located in the Medical Center District on the ...

University Of Alabama Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jefferson County, AL.

University Of Alabama Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Of Alabama Hospital is a government - state hospital.

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I had to have my appendix out unexpectedly. I ended up being transported to UAB by ambulance. I can't say enough about the nurses and doctors that took care of us. They were absolutely fantastic. I went in Wednesday, had surgery that night and was home Thursday afternoon. Before surgery, the doctor actually came and got me from my room to wheel me to the operating room. Keep up the good work! (2 weeks ago)

Great nurses doctors and housekeeping. I felt very informed and well taken care of. However room service/kitchen was rude and brought me cold food every time. Made unkind comments when I tried to order a second lunch sandwich because I got sick and threw up after the first one. Insisted I’d just have to wait till 5. They were even rude to my nurses who had to call them because they refused my order and insisted I wasn’t in the system despite the nurses and doctors both double checking I was. (2 months ago)

To have been admitted as an ER patient, it could have been was not . Every one was so kind and informative and keep up as up to date as possible....the food services weren't so great, but I was on a restricted diet so what they had to work with was not bad. At this point, I have now been waiting for almost two hours to be needless to say...not a happy camper.....I have been waiting for everyone to get organized and let me out of here since is 235pm now.....waiting "15-45 minutes" over an (extra) hour ago....2 hour wait to get a far.....this is beyond ridiculous!!!! (a month ago)

Terrible, my dad was transferred there where he was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. He had to wait days before they went in and did a biopsy because it was Christmas. If you're going to work as a Dr or nurse, you should be available 365 days a year. People's lives are at stake and every day matters. When they finally did the biopsy there was supposed to be a group of Dr's that we were told were going to get together and discuss my dad's case and formulate an action plan on how they would treat. Well, all three Dr's came in to talk to us and not one Dr knew what was going on with him. They still didn't have results from the biopsy, they knew it was pancreatic cancer but they didn't know how advanced it might be, they said they would get results from the tissues they took from another part of the body that looked suspicious and we were told we would have those results by the New Year and we have not heard a word from them. The surgeons didn't even know what kind of stent was placed on his bile duct. I guess they didn't bother looking at my dad's chart or they didn't bother updating his chart. They have no method of organization. They looked like a bunch of clueless fools. One of the surgeons was actually cracking jokes as he was basically telling us that my dad was going to eventually die. They released my dad and he is getting chemo treatment in another facility that actually knows how to treat patients. The oncologist at my dads new facility has requested the results from the other tissue they visited from UAB and she was told they don't have those results yet, it's now mid February. We are not impressed. Also, the room my dad was kept in was nasty. There was sticky stuff on the walls and the bathroom stunk even after they supposedly cleaned it. I will never get treated at this hospital, no matter how bad off I may be. (3 months ago)

If I could give no stars, I would! Uncaring doctors on previous visit. This visit have an appointment at 9 and here it is 45 minutes later and there is still no physician here! Absolutely freaking ridiculous! (in the last week)

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