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EL PASO, TX 79905

Welcome to University Medical Center of El Paso, a teaching hospital associated with Texas Tech University Health Science Center's Paul L. Foster School of Medicine ...

University Medical Center Of El Paso is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in El Paso County, TX.

University Medical Center Of El Paso does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Medical Center Of El Paso is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I checked into the ER yesterday afternoon with flu symptoms and I was very surprised by how polite and nice the staff was. That was until I was taken to the back to have my vitals checked, I was put in a very cold room with no tissues or a trashcan or even a blanket. I was there for about 20 minutes when I had to request a trashcan and tissues (which I thought was just a given in any hospital room, not this one). The staff seemed "surprised" at my request, finally a doctor came in and I kept having the feeling she could careless about what I said. She actually said she wasn't sure what it was I had but proceeded to prescribe a flu medication. When I was quickly rushed out of the jail like room I tried to fill the medication which turned out to be so expensive. So, defeated I came home laid in bed and kept an eye on my rising temperature. After about 2 hours of sleep and no relief from the cough medicine I was given, I checked my temperature again which was now hitting over 100°. Worried and feeling completely terrible I called the ER to see if I should come back or do anything at that moment around 4 a.m. (so I trusted them in my scrambled worried state)...TERRIBLE IDEA. Again the staff was polite until I was taken to the back for my vitals, then I encountered a woman who could really careless about what I was saying because she actually wasn't listening, I only know because after I waited for a response she told me she was typing and never responded to what I was saying. Yet again I was put in another room where I waited coughing, running a high fever, exhausted, chills, massive headache and ear pain. I was sent home with Tylenol and Advil... which I repeatedly told them I was already taking, these doctors don't listen and don't care. As I returned home at about 6-6:30 a.m. I was still running a fever, coughing and very upset that an actual doctor would treat a patient this way. So I called again trying to understand... I was told to come back for a third time in 24 hours. The pain in my ears was never addressed, my cough hasn't stopped, the hot and cold chills is making doing anything uncomfortable. So I contacted guest services, let me tell you.. if you are looking for "guest service" just don't. The man I spoke with started to raise his voice and talk over me.. this establishment is heartless, but don't you worry they will take your money. One last tiny tid bit, the second set of doctors I saw last night said the flu medication I was prescribed earlier in the day was pointless and they hardly use it... who are these people? Is there any real relief? It doe's not seem so from a place like this. That establishment is a disgrace for people who are ill. (4 months ago)

I went in for Labor and Delivery and had an amazing experience. From the moment I checked in, triage, every nurse, nurse assistant, cleaning staff, and the quality of the rooms was great for a first time mother. The staff was sympathetic to my recover and went beyond (applying ointments/ sprays/ and changing me) during recovery. They accommodated my vegetarian meals and was gentle every time they handled my new baby. The lactation consultant provided a pump without hesitation. The staff was kind to every visitor and the family that stayed during my labor. My husband was very thankful we were able to have a positive experience for such an important procedure. We left knowing all three of us got the best care El Paso could offer. (8 months ago)

HORRIBLE!! DO NOT GO HERE!! Uneducated educators, substandard students, with some exceptions, horrible nursing staff, and those exceptions should be rewarded for their attempt to work in a horrible environment. By their own admission understaffed and underpaid. My kudos for those nurses, aides, that work long hours in a horrible working environment and still remain decent people. The entirety of the medical staff from the middle east as well as a Dr. from Juarez are excellent and deserve my reward. I have my doubts about the 3rd rate medical school for 3rd rate students. (4 months ago)

Outstanding staff and surgens i shot my jaw off last april when i lost my wife they completely rebuilt my jaw and made me healty again (3 months ago)

!!!WAKE UP EL PASO!!! UMC is a county hospital. That means that you citizens of El Paso helped vote in folks who made Tort Law LEGAL in Texas. Basically it means UMC can with negligence/ malpractice cripple and or kill you with next to no recourse. There is a Cap on the awards for a lawsuit $100K. My husband Died in the ICU. I won't go into details, BUT, in my opinion they were clearly negligent in a couple of ways. I HAVE A QUESTION for all El Paso folks. Why in the world would the citizens of El Paso agree to give UMC the RIGHT to be negligent/Medical Malpractice under the law with a slap on the wrist. UMC is protected by the government because it is a county hospital. IF you go to UMC and I am quoting an Attorney who used this analogy .. . If they stick a needle in your eye with cyanide, video taped it and said I don't like you I wish you were dead... you have the right to sue...$100K maximum, the lawyers take up to 45% and out of your "share" the lawyers take out their expenses. AND then, the hospital sends you a bill. Like, am I supposed to thank them for out what you say... I did not hire a hit man, I hired Doctors and nurses. Accidents happen, I'm not stupid, but then admit you were wrong and change your standard operating procedure. It won't bring back my spouse. IF you go to UMC, UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!! You go at a very substantial risk with NO RECOURSE! UMC/ Texas have an abundance of Doctors and nurses from all over the world, why, because of Tort Law. Ain't it great?!?! I can work in Texas and get away with malpractice, THANK YOU EL PASO. (3 months ago)

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