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UMC New Orleans is the academic medical center of LCMC Health. With our academic partners, including Louisiana State University and Tulane University Schools of ...

University Medical Center New Orleans is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Orleans County, LA.

University Medical Center New Orleans does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Medical Center New Orleans is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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When first arrived I was very dissatisfied with the nurse I had .She was very rude and treated me very badly.Once the night shift arrived I was happy with my nurse ,she was very kind to me and treated me like a person.Wish I could get the name of that first nurse she should never be allowed to care for people she had no compassion. Also went a full 24 hours before I was told I had to order my own food .Any other hospital brings you breakfast, lunch,and dinner unless you are told there is no way of knowing how it's done there. My starvation finally led me to ask but that first nurse should've told me how things worked but like I said she did nothing for me except make me feel very unwelcomed.Otger than that my 3 day stay was pretty good.Somebody please get rid of that lady!!!!Nurses are supposed to be compassionate!!!! (3 weeks ago)

One of the worst hospitals I have very been to. The nursing on the 3rd floor is terrible with no respect. Have complained to the doctors but nothing has been done about it.On my 7th day here the worst Hospital ever anywhere stayed at no leadership no supervision whatsoever. (in the last week)

Do NOT TRUST EVERY DOCTOR ! Be alert on who is taking care of you and your health. I once fell on my head and did not feel well at all, they just kept trying to give me pills that would hurt my spine. They kept messing with the medicine over and over again. I tried to tell them I kept getting hallucinations the best way I could but for some reason they didn't understand English. I told them I had an accident and they told me it was marijuana so they wouldn't have to deal with a law suit I could care less for. (2 weeks ago)

"All companies have a culture, some companies have discipline, but few companies have a culture of discipline," #GoodToGreat And yet USNEWS (2018) ranks Louisiana 51 out of 50. Why are we ranked 51 out of 50? There are myriad of reasons including management and culture, making it difficult to single out an individual or two. Please note there are hardworking people, and why a 3 out of 5 is given. This hospital is very capable but as Proverbs 27:17 states, "Iron sharpens iron." There are a good number of individuals who carry the load for the few persons who weigh department(s) down. Even though we have managers who are allowed to manage, they are far from being seen as leaders. It is not that they do not have the capability but it is lack of professional determination that warrant such failing attitudes to excel: 1. There is a pharmacists(s) who would come in and doing nothing for an hour. The direct supervisor knows this and has done nothing to rectify this. The culprit will meander about talking, cleaning, and preparing herself until 8am. For the first 8 months of her (his) hiring, simply review the EPIC from when (s)he clocked in to when (s)he entered their first order. This information was passed on to the supervisor(s) and yet nothing was ever done. 2. Lunch follows a similar pattern. If anyone would review the EPIC results, there will be a consistent 60-80 minute gap in coverage denoting an extended lunch period most days of the week. How does this exist without jeopardizing patient care? Simple. The team will carry the load 3. For the first 5 months, we had an issue with person(s) using bluetooth. The individual(s) would carry on hour plus long conversations and it wasn't addressed for months. Months. The proof? We had three consecutive meetings over three months addressing this. Interestingly, the main culprit was never present for each of the three meetings. Check the sign-in sheet -- how convenient, right? Luckily, the use of bluetooth had improved after three meetings, but its demoralizing that it took 5 months to rectify this. 4. With ten years of experience and 8 months of training at this facility, one individual refused to compound one bag of chemotherapy because (s)he did not feel comfortable. Conversely, a new graduate May 2017 was able to make five bags of chemotherapy within 4 months of training. I repeat: this new graduate had zero work experience and compounded five bags of chemotherapy whereas the pharmacist with 10 years of experience and who started four months prior to the new graduate refused to compound even one bag because (s)he did not feel comfortable. Result? Another coworker had to stay behind and make it, causing him to get overtime. This is a waste of resources, which is more problematic when we factor in rising healthcare costs and when the state is trying to cut the hospital's budge. Solution? As long as management incorporates a checklist during the 3-month training period, this would help alleviate potential issues of waste and overtime. 5. There was a discussion on whether or not EPIC results should be used to measure productivity. Management implied that his (her) style of management would concede to micromanaging. However, (s)he failed to listen to what was suggested. One should never micromanage but reviewing EPIC results for turn around time, number of orders completed, number of interventions amassed, etc these are valid outcomes for the department to measure effectiveness and efficiency. Outcomes measure the quality and productivity of every hospital. EPIC results should not define us but it will allow us to see our true form. The fact that management wanted to ignore EPIC results (outcomes) shows how short sighted we are and why...Louisiana is #51. (in the last week)

My wife had open heart surgery here last week and i must say the Doctors and Nurses were great! We could not have asked for a better experience. The nurses were very prompt from ICU to regular room! The Doctors had great bed side manners! Our overall experience was exceptional (4 months ago)

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