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University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is the flagship academic medical center at the core of UH's 18 hospital health system that serves patients across ...

University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cuyahoga County, OH.

University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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My mother in her 80s stated she had use the bathroom. Nurse went out to triage desk to laugh and cackle for 45 mins, has now been 1hr..still has not come back to help her. Oh now she cones back in to ask last name. Never mind my mother can't get up. Worst nurses on day shift ever. Night nurses were nice and friendly. Except for the one who mixed my mother up for a diabetic. Some of these nurses need to find another profession. Giving two heart pills by mistake, then scratched off after I brought to their attn. After 4 days of drs stating they will come back in and never doing so. Never seeing any test result that was done. Very poor communication among doctors. One Dr. thinking the other told you, but if you say no I was not. They get mad and leave the room. I so wish I had taken her somewhere else. *********************************************** But I want to thank Dr. Norman Kumins, DVT/lab techs, pharmasist Joe for explaining what Dr. wouldn't, very compassionate, understanding. They were the only ones who seemed to care. (4 months ago)

CAME TO ER AND WAS NOT EVEN SEEN OR SPOKE TO A DOCTOR THE ENTIRE TIME THERE! Worst care and service ever. If it wasn't the closest ER to me I would def go somewhere else. Came in with an extremely bruised and swollen foot from a sprain and after taking an x-ray and seeing it was not broken discharged me without explaining the extent of the sprain or anything. ANd the whole entire time did not give me ANYTHING for pain, not even a tylenol until my ride came to pick me up which was over an hour after I got there. Did not even give me ice or anything. I was wheeled in on a wheel chair because I could not put any weight on my foot. Treated me horribly. Did not tend to my foot with the care it needed and completely LIED on my discharge papers saying they did services and discussed things with me that were NEVER done or discussed. IF I COULD GIVE NEGATIVE STARS I WOULD! ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE! and heres the kicker....I WAS NEVER EVEN SEEN BY A DOCTOR! (5 months ago)

Wait times are absolutely ridiculous, and they weren’t even busy! So unorganized no one knows where patients are, they just randomly sit you in a room (which is a small cubicle in the waiting room), have you wait for 20+ mins until 3 doctors come in and out thinking you’re they’re patient. Waited 3 hours for them to tell me I had the flu. Nurses were giving medications and swab tests in the waiting room for all to see. They rarely send you to a room on a actual floor unless you need to stay for days. They try to rush you out. (5 months ago)

This is the third hospital we’ve experienced in a month and by far the best. After our brother suffered a brain injury most places were quick to medicate and talk about the odds against us. Ahuja looked at our brother and saw the strides and potential in his recovery. The doctors are thorough, competent, and compassionate. The nurses are patient and caring, taking the time to explain things to their patients, and helping them further their recovery by assisting them in their next stride. Our family is beyond grateful for Ahuja UH and their amazing staff! (a year ago)

If I could give this location and situation negative stars I would. I went to the ER with severe abdomen pain in my lower right quadrant and was ignored when I informed staff that my pain was unbearable. I called 911 from the waiting area and asked to be transfered to another hospital due to my pain. I was approached by several staff members and one staff member Mark, yelled at me about it being illegal to call 911 and demanded that I walk back to another area of the ER and requested that the EMS press charges on me. The EMS said no and proceeded to leave. Once I was placed in a wheel chair and put back in the waiting area he deemed acceptable Jeff, the waiting area monitor came over and yelled at me about calling 911 and that I endangered lives with my actions and I should have waited until the staff was ready to give me meds. I was vomiting and throwing up air and no gave me a Iv of sodium chloride...... This is standard to ensure your not dehydrated..... What is wrong with your staff they lack compassion and concern my treatment was unacceptable and embarrassing I felt humiliated and like I was treated as if I was not human..... (11 months ago)

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