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University Colo Health Memorial Hospital Central is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in El Paso County, CO.

University Colo Health Memorial Hospital Central does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

University Colo Health Memorial Hospital Central is a government - local hospital.

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Had a spinal tap/lumbar puncture at 22 weeks pregnant in October 2017. Has to put a needle into my back 12 times and the first two people that started the procedure couldn’t do it and had to have a third person come in to do it. She literally SHOVED the needle into my spine. Wasn’t allowed to get out of bed except to use the bathroom so my back was in constant pain. It is now July 2018, three months away from it being a year since I got this done and my back is still in EXCRUCIATING pain to the point where when if I stand up straight too long, I can’t move or bend at all. It’s been difficult trying to care for my son with my back like this. I rock him to sleep and I have to force myself to grit through the pain just to lay him down. Will NEVER go here again. (in the last week)

Very angry! I'm not a patient. I'm a friend of a patient. Trying to reach her each day to check in on her. (Her cell phone is not working there.) The main hospital line just keeps ringing and ringing. No one picks up the line!! How can a hospital line not be manned?!? One time I waited two full minutes and someone finally picked up and answered like it was the first ring she heard! Not even an apology for the ridiculous, inexcusable wait. What if it's an emergency? (a week ago)

The care was fine. The medical staff and ER Security were very respectful, attentive, and overall the entire visit was surprisingly short. I even got my radiology results emailed to me before I even got into an Intermediate Care room, so I knew before I saw the doctor that my foot was broken and how badly. Aside from that, there was an issue for which I gave a 1-star, but I decided that it was not enough to take away from the goodness of the care I received overall. It was, however, enough for me be bitter enough to write about it here. So here goes: The first and last Security Officer I encountered during this visit (Same individual) just didn't seem to care about jack [censored]. I drove myself to the ER after breaking my foot. There is no parking lot near the ER for such things. There is valet, but no one drives my car but me and certain mechanics. So I parked in the garage, and limped my way into the North entrance. I asked the security guard sitting there if someone could take me to the ER. He said it would take a while. There was a wheel chair there, so I took it and wheeled myself through the convoluted maze of long hallways and backtracking and elevator rides, got to the ER, and was seen. They put my foot in the splint, gave me crutches, and then refused to wheel me out to the garage. So I wheeled myself out of the ER, down the long hallways and ramps, and back to the North Entrance. Along the way, multiple hospital employees saw me struggling with the chair and just kept on walking, never saying a word (other hospital patrons offered to help) I got to the north entrance where the same Security guard just sat there and told me I could use the ramp to go out to the garage in the chair. I don't have the physical strength to go up the ramp, so I asked if someone could take me. I ended up just leaving the wheel chair there, and started hopping up the stairs with all my stuff in my hands, and crutches. When I got to the top of the stairs, I tripped and fell down. The Security Guard just sat there. Didn't say a word...just left me there on the floor...crying. ...gee. Thanks. I picked myself up, some people offered to help but I figured I'd gone that far so to heck with it and fumbled my way with all my stuff and crutches to the garage and got in the car and left. Seriously... When I was a Security Officer in hospitals, I was attentive and would have never just let someone fall down like that without saying something and trying to help. Note to Security Admins: You can verify this on camera recordings: Fall on stairs 07-04-2018 between 1930-2015hrs (a week ago)

Several bad experiences at this hospital. On one occasion they sent my bill to the wrong address and then they send me a late notice. Another time they billed me for work that was never supposed to be done in the first place. On another occasion they couldn't find my son's vein when they were trying to draw blood. One doctor asked the other while poking my son with a needle "is that a vein or a tendon?". Meanwhile my son spent fifteen minutes screaming bloody murder while they failed to draw enough blood. Never again will I go here. I will stick to Penrose hospital from now on. (a month ago)

My sister is a patient at this hospital. I spent much the last several days there with her. EVERY staff member I encountered was extremely helpful and seemed to be genuinely caring. Whether a housekeeper, nurse, barista, or physician, everyone was ready to help. My sister and her family believe she is getting excellent care. (in the last week)

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