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1600 11TH STREET

The result of two hospitals merging to provide the most complete medical services for Wichita Falls and surrounding area. Offers patient email services and other ...

United Regional Health Care System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Wichita County, TX.

United Regional Health Care System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

United Regional Health Care System is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Some of the worst care I've ever had(every time)! They act like they could care less about you. Doctors are very arrogant and talk down to you, which is very upsetting in a stressful situation.. I would just hope in a life or death situation they'd be more willing to help.. and maybe actually be more useful, instead of paying a hospital bill for using Google to fix the problem (a week ago)

Went in for something serious, was taken back right away! Everyone that I came in contact with was very nice and helpful! They answered my questions and gave me so much information as well! Very good hospital! (3 months ago)

This is a great ER and the facilities have undergone major upgrades. With that being said, it can get busy here and sometimes a long wait may be involved. The staff deals with patients not only from the local area, but, from other medical facilities in the surrounding counties as well. This is one of the top rated cardiac centers in Texas. (5 months ago)

It’s funny because I’ve always defended the hospital saying that I’ve had nothing but good experiences for myself and 3 kids. This week I had my first horrible experience in the emergency room, and now I get it. I went in on an obviously busy day, and EVERY person I had contact with was horrible. I understand it was a crappy day for them, but that’s what they signed up for. And as someone who is an aspiring ER nurse myself, I learned what NOT to do that day. The first nurse to get me back into triage walked in looking at the ground and told me her name and that she’d be taking care of me with a tone that was enough to make a robot sound warm. She was curt in getting my medical history, and seemed annoyed that my pain made talking difficult at times. She didn’t really explain anything she was doing or why or what... just put an IV in my arm, took my blood and walked out. The ONE decent employee was the PA who first assessed me, and she told me they were going to put me in a back area to give me something to help with pain while I waited. Two minutes later I was sent back to the waiting area. I didn’t say anything, but after 20 minutes or so of crying by myself in pain, I asked how long it would be... again... the lady couldn’t even bother to look at me and just said “well it’s been hours waiting today so...” again, I was a total inconvenience making these people do the jobs they signed up for. I told her what the PA told me, and she said they can’t have me in the waiting room after giving me something for pain... which DUH, the part I was more concerned about was being able to lay down and not cry in front of a bunch of strangers all alone. I think they got tired of my crying, and maybe another 30-45 minutes later they took me to the back (where there were 3 open beds) and gave me something for pain. Didn’t even take the edge off, and I was left alone for another 30 minutes and really started worrying something was SERIOUSLY wrong with me because morphine wasn’t even taking the pain away. So I walked out the door and told the first person I saw that I was concerned my pain was getting worse, again inconveniencing the woman, she told me she’d let my nurse know. I waited 15 minutes for the nurse to come in and the first thing she said was “it’s too soon to give you more pain medicine.” I DONT CARE ABOUT PAIN MEDICINE, quit assuming that I’m seeking because I’m a freaking human being in actual pain and I’m all alone and scared, I just thought IT WAS YOUR JOB to know my pain was getting worse. Didn’t really say that, but hopefully at least one person from my experience reads this and learns how to be a caregiver. Anyway... it continued on that way until thank the Lord they had a shift change. 3rd shift was much better, except for Dr. Moreno (i think?) he unfortunately stayed. He barked at me instead of speaking. He told me my problem was my own fault (I took too much ibprofen per my doctors orders) and when I told him I was instructed by an ENT to do what i did (i had my tonsils taken out. Not fun) and when I told him I just did what my doctor said he was very unprofessional and mumbled something like “yea that’s because they’re an ENT.” Horrible horrible bedside manner. So don’t take too much ibuprofen, kids. It messes up your stomach big time. And don’t have what you feel is an emergency situation when United Regional ER staff doesn’t feel up to doing their job with care, because their day is obviously going much worse than yours. (They still get 3 stars because I haven’t died there yet. And I have lots of medical professionals in my family, and want to be a medical professional myself, so the stars aren’t even for them.) (2 months ago)

Very disappointed in this hospital’s emergency room. I went to the ER in Amarillo on Sunday due to falling on a cactus during a hike. I have 10 long spikes stuck in my hand. At this hospital, they gave many different solutions for pain and dug at my hand for nearly 4.5 hours. After this long period of time, the doctor referred me to a hand surgeon to remove the remaining spikes because she was worried about infection and quite frankly, she couldn’t get the remaining spikes out. After talking with a surgeons office, they told me to go to the ER and they would admit me to out patient care and call a surgeon to remove the spikes... so that’s what I did. After arriving, I showed the doctor my referral to a hand surgeon and was more than ready to get the process going. The doctor at United Regional said there is no way the doctor will come and that it’s not an emergency while giving dirty looks and coming off very judgmental. She was very rude about the whole situation and didn’t seem to care about the amount of pain this issue was causing me. After a few minutes I reminded her that I was only there because I needed to see the surgeon, I had already spent nearly 5 hours in an emergency room and I was not needing to go through all of that again. At this point she told me she would do X-rays, which we followed through with even though we had been told that cactus spines will not show up on an X-ray. So $250 later I was sent home and told nobody would take the spikes out unless it was infected and to go home and soak my hand in soapy water, along with a packet titled “how to remove splinters”. So here it is, three days later, I am in the same amount of pain, I can hardly move two of my fingers and I am suppose to soak my hand in soapy water I’m hopes that it will make the cactus spikes magically come out. Very disappointed in the lack of help from this hospital, and upset about how rude and disrespectful the doctor was to my family and I. (3 months ago)

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