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United Memorial Medical Center of Batavia, NY specializies in joint replacement, cancer care, emergency medicine, stroke, and womens health. Serving Genesee and ...

United Memorial Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Genesee County, NY.

United Memorial Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

United Memorial Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Left in ER with my mother for hours the nurses left us sit and hour after the doctor released us. Brittany RN took her good old time. HIPA violation is horrible. I would never recommend this hospital for ER. (a month ago)

The service for lab and other outpatient services is incredibly slow. I'm going to Quest next time in search of quicker service. (2 months ago)

I had an awful experience in the emergency department on May 11, 2018. I arrived around 2:30pm with chief complaints of chest pain, trouble breathing, and fatigue. I suspected a pulmonary embolism as I had just had my 5th surgery in less than 2 years in March 2018 and disappearing calf pain from the week before. I waited 10-15 minutes to see the the triage nurse and was then taken to my cubicle. I was basically ignored for 8.5 hours. I was poked over 10 times to find blood and an IV, including in my foot and with the use of ultrasound. I have NEVER had that much trouble ever. It should not have taken 8.5 hours to get the initial blood panel, the d daimer, and kidney function, to rule in/out a PE, but it did. I would have preferred that they were all taken as soon as possible so I could be transferred to RGH for the CAT scan and begin treatment for my PE, which is what I was diagnosed with. Did they forget the protocol or something? I was not given oxygen the entire time I was there. If the nurse, Denise Dean, wasn't glaring at me from the nurse's station, she was ignoring me or treating me very brusquely. Not an empathetic or caring person to me at all. My mom was also with me and can verify this. I was eventually transferred to Rochester General for the larger CAT scan. However, the IV that was placed at UMMC was too small of a gauge for the contrast, something they should have known, and another one had to be placed. Nurse Dean never called my surgeon, Dr. Landfried, or my PA, Renee Robbins-Yonkins, like she said she would. Reading my discharge paperwork was like reading a child's writing, and this is now part of my medical record. As a professional counselor and former Rochester Regional employee, I would be mortified to sign off on something like that. I completely understand that I had to be transferred to RGH, I don't have complaints about that, not about the number of times I was poked. My main issue is that it took 8.5 hours to draw blood for 3 tests and transfer me, which is ridiculous and unethical. No oxygen, and very little care or concern for my well-being while I was there. PE's are 30% fatal and I'm glad I didn't die from such poor care. I will continue to go to UMMC because I like and trust my surgeon. I will avoid the ER if at all possible. (a month ago)

It's a small community hospital. They have remodeled and added some excellent equipment. But being a small place, if it's something serious they can get you stabilized and have paramedics or a helicopter get you to where you need to be. The ED has quick service, parking is good. (5 months ago)

If I could give it a negative 5 I would just based on the experience my Husband had in the ER last night. He has history of blood clots in his legs So starting New Years. Day he started experiencing. Severe pain in his right leg and had no pulse at all in his right foot. We took him to the ER. His blood pressure was extremely high so his nurse ( who Btw. Was great) put him on an EKG. When the Dr came in very rudely and yelled that he didn't need that! So the Dr look briefly at me husband foot. And was gonna send him home because she said she couldn't do anything my son asked her about his pain in his groan. And she rolled her eyes and said now you have another problem! Granted he presented with this problem!!!!__ Very unprofessional. So in my opinion if you ever have to use. This ER. DON'T!! (6 months ago)

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