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United Hospital System is a leader in cardiovascular care. We provide the latest tests and procedures to diagnose and treat heart and vascular conditions.

United Hospital System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kenosha County, WI.

United Hospital System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

United Hospital System is a government - local hospital.

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While I had good experiences with the GI department, the rest of the hospital is just a mess. When I went to the ER with intestinal bleeding and extreme dehydration the nurse told me to just go home and wait it out. The IV wasn't placed right (which is okay, it happens) and so it squirted blood all over me and my bed, which I didn't notice until I felt wet. I let her know and she got MAD at me for it. She changed the bedding and had me stand along the wall and wait even though I was still bleeding and in pain. She acted like I was the biggest inconvenience in the world. Because I have had tumors of the intestines in the past, the on call GI doctor wanted a colonoscopy done. The nurses told me it would be at 11:30, and to arrive 30 minutes early. I even had a print out of their instructions. Well I arrive well over 30 minutes early and they tell me I'm late.....apparently I was scheduled for 8:30! I showed them the papers and they said the nurses in the ER must have messed something up. Luckily, my doctor stayed late and squeezed me into his schedule. I was on their special finical plan for people who do not have an income (I was in college, had no money and my family cannot support me), which was nice. Most things are 100% covered. I had to have a liver biopsy, which I made sure would be covered. They assured me it was. Well fast forward 6 months and I receive a bill from a collections company for the hospital for "liver services". They never even called or sent a bill to me. I was unaware I owed ANYTHING because it was covered. I moved recently and it has been a 9 month battle with them to just get my OWN medical records. I've had biopsies and lots of colon/endoscopies, and simply asked they be sent to my doctor. Went through the whole process. Every time I called I got a different answer, and they would not respond to my doctor's requests for the records even with my permission. Told me to come get a physical copy....well I don't live in Wisconsin now so I cant. After much threatening from my nurses and doctor, we received my records 9 MONTHS LATER. I have been extremely ill this whole time and was bleeding from the stomach, so they wanted detailed history. Well it turns out they FORGOT to send in all the records. They forgot to send over my biopsies, so now I'm going through this whole process again just to get my own records. Maybe the change in the system will make the hospital run better, but for now I would not recommend it. Even St. Catherine's (which was the same system) was 100 times bettre (2 weeks ago)

My dr was great but that cant make up for the threats against the people i care about every time i go to an appointment by Amber Stoian from your HR department and her husband. (in the last week)

Took my baby to the ER late at night when her fever reached 104.5, I told the ER doctor she has medical problems, including her vp shunt for hydrocephalus in her head to drain fluid (her symptoms showed malfunction of the shunt)..he decided to run step throat and flu tests by swabs..Both negative. He said virus.. Two days later we took her to Frader Children's hospital in Milwaukee. Her vp shunt wasn't working and she had surgery done the next day. The nurses were great in kenosha but the doctor didn't seem too concerned about my baby with medical problems.. (3 weeks ago)

Waiting for ever finally dr comes in, and he cant even remember his own name! Looks at my daughter says ill be back rn comes looks at my daugter leaves 30 min later still no one comes back. All she needs is a tick removed this place is a joke (a month ago)

Avoid this hospital if you can. Made a visit to ER with severe muscle spasms and some respiratory distress. Left me waiting for over 20 minutes with breathing difficulty and excruciating pain. When one of my spasms was so bad I screamed in pain and the nurse came in and scolded me because she could "here me all the way down the hall" I reiterated my pain and distress. She said I was simply having a panic attack. I have Cerebral palsy, which if this ding bat nurse even knew anything about, she would know that muscle spasms and respiratory distress are common with CP. I left because I could not wait for treatment of a so called panic attack, called my Doctor with Aurora she was able to walk me through some breathing exercises and told me to come to her. While waiting for a ride, I was crying and still in distress and the nurse called security on me. Nice element of compassion ER Nurse. I truly hope that someday you have to experience what you put me through and see how you respond. I bet it is not in a calm, friendly manner. (5 months ago)

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