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Photo: United Hospital System Kenosha Medical Center Campus

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United Hospital System is a leader in cardiovascular care. We provide the latest tests and procedures to diagnose and treat heart and vascular conditions.

United Hospital System is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kenosha County, WI.

United Hospital System does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

United Hospital System is a government - local hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Avoid this hospital if you can. Made a visit to ER with severe muscle spasms and some respiratory distress. Left me waiting for over 20 minutes with breathing difficulty and excruciating pain. When one of my spasms was so bad I screamed in pain and the nurse came in and scolded me because she could "here me all the way down the hall" I reiterated my pain and distress. She said I was simply having a panic attack. I have Cerebral palsy, which if this ding bat nurse even knew anything about, she would know that muscle spasms and respiratory distress are common with CP. I left because I could not wait for treatment of a so called panic attack, called my Doctor with Aurora she was able to walk me through some breathing exercises and told me to come to her. While waiting for a ride, I was crying and still in distress and the nurse called security on me. Nice element of compassion ER Nurse. I truly hope that someday you have to experience what you put me through and see how you respond. I bet it is not in a calm, friendly manner. (3 months ago)

I am being sent home even tho they have not diagnosed my severe pain in my diaphram, chest, ribs, shoulders, neck and head. I am so dizzy I could not leave the room on my own so they pushed me in a wheel chair and left me there in waiting room. I'm sobbing from the pain. Wow...great medical care. (2 months ago)

My advice to you, "DON'T go there"! Went to the ER after falling and hurt ankle. Dr. looked at it and the x-rays and said it's just sprained. Take Ibuprofen and here's crutches too help you walk and it will be better in a couple days. Got call from radiologist later that day saying to get back ASAP that there is a chipped bone and another one broken in my foot. Went back got a temp cast and sent me away with again NOTHING for pain! I had to beg for a Ibuprofen from them! I WOULDN'T take my dog there! Would probably get better care at a vet clinic. (6 months ago)

Excellent service delivered by caring, efficient professionals. Modern technology for up-to-date procedures. (2 months ago)

Not good. Sadly, many mistakes made at the ER. Basic medical attention was substandard, incorrect. They meant well but didn't know what they were doing. (4 months ago)

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