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United Health Services Hospitals, Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Broome County, NY.

United Health Services Hospitals, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

United Health Services Hospitals, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I stayed there on the psych ward about 4 years ago. The first psychiatrist ( I think his name is Dr. Martel) prescribed haladol! I only needed a gentle antidepressant. I was quiet and cooperative from the start, but he upped the halidol dose! The side effects were awful! Not only that, but a young woman was clearly overdosed, and had to crawl to the nurses station one night because that was all she could do. I fell one night, hitting my head as I was getting out of bed, because of the halidol. Finally, with the help of the nurses, I was assigned a gentle, understanding psychiatrist. This was a great relief. He prescribed a gentle antidepressant. He, the kind nurses, and other staff are the reason that I give three stars. (a month ago)

I would never recommend CPEP to anyone. As a fourteen year old who had just attempted suicide, I was confused and depressed. I was paraded around in a gown for hours, even though I had clothes I could change into. That was the first day ANYONE had ever seen my scars, and I was embarrassed and hurt by the situation. I have always been rather private about my personal health. My parents were manipulated and lied to. They said they would call CPS if I weren't sent to a mental health instititution immediately. My parents were scared, and felt they had no option. We later found out through a social worker that people have walked out of CPEP without being reported. We were not informed about basic facts, and were treated very poorly. Over a year later, it still gets me fired up to think about all the injustice and deviation. It's a horrible environment with very few decent workers. I felt like a monster, and people looked at me like I was a dirty outcast. That was a nightmare of a day, and probably the most traumatic experience. GOD IS THE ONLY REASON I'VE MADE IT THROUGH. (a month ago)

If I could give our visits to this Hospital, the ER department and CPEP, minus stars I would. In my opinion they don't deserve the one star I had to give. We have spent numerous days and nights in this Hospital on different occasions, and other than a couple of nurses there was no help or compassion what so ever. The atmosphere was cold, and we were treated just the same. Finally, after about 20 visits to UHS Binghamton we ended up taking our daughter to Guthrie Sayre, and got her the much needed help. Would not recommend to anyone. If you or a loved one have suicidal thoughts, a mental breakdown or anything of that sort, UHS CPEP is completly and utterly worthless. You are just a number there and will be kicked back out again in no time, and with no help at all. Do youself a favour and go to Guthrie Sayre instead. Their behaviour science center in wonderful. (a month ago)

Terrified to ever come back here. Came in a good while ago for stitches on an open wound, wound up having a panic attack because the doc didn't show up for hours. Not the best of me, I know, but I don't get stitch-worthy injuries easily so I was pretty scared. Got injected with Geodon and restrained despite that I was lucid enough to tell my actual medication that's used to decrease anxiety. Later wound up with an allergic reaction to the Geodon, not to mention a poor stitch job that left an exaggerated scar that makes people wince when they look at me wearing shorts. It wasn't incredibly recent but it makes me afraid to ever go back. This is far from the only time that Bing Gen has been less than friendly, it was just the most physically rather than emotionally damaging. (2 months ago)

I’m 38 weeks pregnant . I went in for reasons not regarding my pregnancy but the service was horrible. They were all rude. For example, I dropped my glasses under the bed and asked the dr to get it and she says “you can get it yourself”. After that point I’ve had enough. I left without a word and went to Wilson Hospital which had MUCH better service (5 months ago)

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