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Union Hospital Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Vigo County, IN.

Union Hospital Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Union Hospital Inc is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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Gone are the days when doctors cared. I wouldn't take a pet rat here and I will never return after the way I was treated. Yell at me and tell me there is nothing wrong with me. Come to find out there is something very wrong with me and Dr Dang should not be a doctor. Rude! (5 months ago)

Back in February 2016 I had gone to the emergancy room where I was very ill with an infection. The last thing I recall was handing my medical card to the clerk I woke up briefly before surgery where i was informed what make happen afterwards I was put under and didnt awaken again until March 15 thereabout. I remember very little other than bits and pieces but after time has passed I realized I am extremely lucky to be alive. I wasnt easy on those kind nurses and doctors that saved my life and cared for me ripping my IVs out of my arms, trying to get out of bed and many other things that are still a little foggy to this day. But none the less they performed a miracle in saving my life and as of today have returned to work because of these great Nurses and Doctors to whom I owe my life. There is no doubt if I hadnt have gone to Union when I did, I wouldnt have survived. Its been a long road to recovery and I just wish to say Thank you to all those whom cared for me and enduring all the things I did while under your care. Sincerely Richard F. Niehoff.This was Union Hospital in Terre Haute not Clinton. (7 months ago)

My husband has had a couple of surgeries there and the staff is always very helpful and nice however the Dr on call after hours can be rude and seem very unconcerned ... that is the only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars... the day surgery nurses and the OR nurse's are equally amazing. .. (a year ago)

Go to Regional. They are so slow. I was here from 2 until 7:30. All so they could say I was dehydrated. My whole heart was about to stop. The nurses are so sweet, kind and helpful. But the doctors they need to get reviewed by the board. Nurse Judy is the best her tattoo is so cute. She has a sleeve. (2 years ago)

I had the worst experience ever in the Er. Friday early morning, around 1:00am i go in bcuz i have a piece of food lodged in my esophagus. I have already tried numerous times @ home to dislodge this food by vomiting. Thought i got it up so i proceed to take my nighttime meds. As soon as i swallowed the liquid just sat directly on my airway. Wouldn't come up, wouldn't go down. No air @ all to try to breathe. I bent over n opened my mouth, i shove fingers down my throat, it comes shooting out my nose, meds and all, but my throat is gurgling like im drowning. Needless to say, i was in panic mode by this point. I contact a friend to take me to closest hospital bcuz i couldnt get the food tht was lodged to come up. Horrible Dr. Dr. Sierra to be exact. First i was told they were gnna take an xray. Tht never happened, then i told thm i was certain i was dehydrated, so normally they at least give u Iv fluids. Nope, not even tht. Put an Iv in to give me glucagon. Supposedly can help relax the esophagus for blockage to go down. Tht didnt happen. So Dr says he is gnna contact gi on call. Well he did and he said the dr denied seeing me. I heard the conversation he had with the Gi on call. He didnt believe i even had food stuck. So nurse comes in and says he has you going to see an ent at 9:00am. Never even let ent know i was coming by the way. So after he did his little scope he said he was gnna hve me admitted to regional to see the gi specialist. I get there and nobody knew anything. Ent closed already so they couldn't even check with thm. Needless to say i had been going on 18+ hours with a blockage in my esophagus, i hve systemic schleroderma so i have my esophagus dialated about 1time a year, sometimes more. But, Dr. Sierra knew this, its in my chart and i also told him. But, my opinion is he thought i was seeking drugs. Although i did forcefully vomit at the hospital n he even looked. And he said, yep you did get a piece up..Im going after this dr for medical neglect and soo much more. See you in court (a year ago)

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