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UAMS is Arkansas' only teaching hospital, with a staff of medical professionals on the forefront of research, technology and the latest medical

Uams Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pulaski County, AR.

Uams Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Uams Medical Center is a government - state hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Do NOT attend this school as a graduate student!!!!!!: please read to learn more. UAMS in Little Rock IS one of the worst graduate schools in the country, and possibly in the developed world. If you don't believe me, just check any reputable college ranking system that you please. The teaching staff is terrible, job placement is abysmal, publication record is atrocious, and the overall experience is just miserable. Do not attend this school. Do not. If you are thinking about going to this school (or if this is the only graduate school that actually accepted you) do not go! Multiple classmates of mine wasted countless years at this place, were treated horribly, and came out without PhD degrees or any employment-place-able degrees. This university is nothing more than a government boondoggle that is paid for by the tobacco taxes from the state of Arkansas. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL! The teaching staff is a miserable coterie of slippery-slope failures. AVOID THIS GRADUATE SCHOOL AT ALL COSTS!!!! I am not sure how the medical or pharmacy schools are, or the Master's programs, but the research graduate programs (PhD programs in biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, etc..) are complete toilets. GO TO A REAL SCHOOL!!!!! Do not attend this garbage factory. GO TO A REAL SCHOOL!!!!! That is what I wish someone told me when I just got out of undergraduate! This place is a complete waste of time for anyone looking for a legitimate research career...or any career for that matter. I left this school, attended a better institution, and now have an actual life and career. Do not waste your time with these losers. And if you are there now: run. Run away. Run now. Why are you still reading this? Run now! Run away from the school! I know that you want to go to a real school, go now! Go to Duke! Or Tulane! Leave UAMS! Leave now! Freeedom! (a month ago)

I can't speak to the entire facility, but I am a patient of Dr. Caris T. Fitzgerald and she is one of the finest and most caring physicians i have had. She takes the time to explain what she thinks and why she thinks it. Extremely courteous and receptive to courtesy, she does not rush patients or act like she has more important things to do. Physicians are busy, no question, but you'll never know it at Dr. Fitzgerald's clinic! (a month ago)

I was admitted with a diaphragmatic hernia. I had surgery to repair it. From my Dr. Steliga and Dr. Watson to the x-ray techs I received excellent care. Of course the food was hospital food and l had no appetite because of the pain. I was really impressed with care I received! (2 weeks ago)

Thought it was the best place to carry my wife who had lymphoma. Everything started out great. After chemo they done a bone marrow on her when we thought she was to weak too. She got where all they could do was give her fluids. We decided to go home and come back every few days. We did this for several months and she seemed better. But her stomach had to be drained every 2 1/2 weeks. She got weak one day and fell so I rushed her to the emergency room at the hospital. The next night her sister come to visit her and we were all happy that she felt good. She was in ICU the next day and they said she was going to a room as soon as they had one available. We left and at 3 in the morning we got a call saying I needed to hurry back up there. When I got there they said in the ICU unit that she had threw up in her respirator and it had gone down in her lungs. They had tied her hands up where she couldn’t get it off. Why they did that they we weren’t told. We could see that she had been with out oxygen and had brain damage. She could no longer talk or respond to us. They had the nerve then to say that she was going to die anyway. After I got through telling them what I thought they got in a huddle and started talking about us. Here we were by her bed side and people started walking back looking at us. I said something to the young doctor about it and he said , well we talk about everybody. Told him to get his ass up and leave. I knew then that she was going to die for no reason. They acted like they needed her out of that room. Had some girl there we called the lady of death. Kept coming in the room saying that she was going to die anyway. We left before I was hauled off to jail. Never in my life had I seen anything like it. She died about 3 that morning before I could get to her. Just 4 days earlier she was ok. I give it 2 stars because everyone else in the hospital had done a great job and was nice as could be. What ever you or anybody else does I beg you please if you’re loved one has to go to the ICU unit get them out of there as fast as you can. Heard they were in bad financial trouble and wondered if they just wanted the bed space. You need more info please text me. I was there for over a year. (3 months ago)

The staff is amazing they do their jobs well but the rooms aren't clean. The janitors do a horrible job there are shoe marks on the wooden floor, hair, stains, and blood in the rooms. Everything else is fine. (a week ago)

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