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Tyler County Hospital (TCH), located in the piney woods of Woodville, Texas, USA, exists to provide quality health care, promote wellness and and demonstrate ...

Tyler County Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tyler County, TX.

Tyler County Hospital does not have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Tyler County Hospital is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Rude... Seemed annoyed that i brought my one month in because i was worried she caught my three year olds strap throat.. didnt check her throat! Test were negative and seemed as if i was being lectured and spoke to me as if i was an idiot... told them my pediatrician said Tylenol was ok to give her.. his response was no they did not and that he needed to call them as if i was lying. I don't know if they were annoyed that it was like 4am or because i had brought my child, but i left completely upset and feeling as if they didn't do anything to assist me and it wasnt like they were very busy at all. Two stars because the paperwork lady and the discharge guy were decent even for seeming tired! Its not that hard to be kind, no matter how you feel about your patients!!!! I should have taking the reviews here more seriously before I brought her there!!! (3 months ago)

I went into the hospital due to a severe reaction to poison ivy on the left side of my face, it was so swollen that i could not see out of my left eye and started to have a hard time breathing. I was treated with up most respect. as soon as I walked in to the doors they quickly took my information and checked my vitals and had a doctor in my room assessing my issue. they gave me a shot of benadryl and antibiotics to treat the swelling and prevent any infections due to it being my whole left side of my face. They kept an eye on me to make sure I did not have an allergic reaction and that the swelling started to go down before they released me. I would highly recommend for anyone who has any issues to go to Tyler County Hospital. (a year ago)

Horrible my sister took my 2 year old niece there and right off the bat they was rude. The nurse had a horrible additude my niece had a fever and no appetite and a bad cough seemed like a bad case of allergies well the nurse leads us to the room throws her clip board down and gets her thermometer and without even trying her mouth are arm pit just shoves it up my 2 year old nieces butt ( she's not a bad kid she would have put it in her mouth that's how my sister checks her temp) then the doctor walks in and the nurse says its 73 doc and that's rectel then walks over and whispers something to the doctor and leaves then the doctor ask what was wrong with her my sister told him and he says well she don't have a fever like your saying and the cough stuffy nose and appetite lose is all signs of second hand smoke then he ask if she smokes cigarettes well she told him yea but only outside because she doesn't want her house smelling like a big cigarette he tells her that its second hand smoke and that he ain't helping her because she's the reason that my niece was sick well my sister tells him actually it's called third hand smoke because she's not breathing it in she's just smells it on her he then gets up and says I'm the doctor I know what I'm talking about and cps needs to take your daughter and keep her till you can stop smoking cigarettes because only a mother that doesn't care about there kids would expose them to SECOND hand smoke (I could understand if it was drugs but cigarettes) well my sister got mad right back and told him that he's a quack and he needs to run some test because it's not that he goes out of the room yelling really loud that kids just got second hand smoke well this upset my sister and she walked out crying with my niece the doctor made her come back to wait on cps to get there 2 hours later and no cps and my niece wasn't looking any better so my sister gets up again to leave and the doctor again gets rude with her this is when I stepped in because my sister works all day and when she picks up her kids she doesn't smoke around them she takes them home feeds them baths them then reads them a book and makes them go to bed THEN she has her cigarette break followed by a shower then bed so there really not even smelling a cigarette the doctor says sure that's what I would say to I never in my life wanted to punch a doctor in the face so bad but instead we walked out getting yelled at all the way to the car we took my niece to Livingston and her temp was 100.3 so they did a test came back that she had strep throat (go figure) they gave her some medicine and she was better in no time but my advice about Woodville hospital is don't go there I wouldn't even take my animals there now we know why it's called the band aid clinic (a year ago)

I am writing this review purely because of the lack of resources at this hospital. My elderly grandmother fell at her nursing home, when I arrived from Houston to check on her the nurse didn't even know if she had an x-ray or if she was given medication. Which is insane!!! Then she was sent back to her nursing home, in an extreme amount of pain, it turns out her hip was broken. I wouldn't recommend anyone to use this pathetic hospital. That was the emergency room, where do these Dr's and nurses go to school that they can't keep up with ONE person. (2 years ago)

They refused service for my unborn child due to my medicaid pending. (This is the 3 time i have had to seek help at another hospital. My grandfather has had to just about everytime. Tyler country will no longer get are business. They don't have proper equipment and for the only hospital hours around they do not have abilities to help anyone in a Emergency life threating issues. So if you dieing. Don't come here they don't have the abilites or equipment to do so. (Worse hospital in America!) Note; my mother spoke to the doctor. St. Elizabeth cristus hospital in Beaumont tx said i could come back to my local hospital if i couldn't get into the doctor. His exact words was she not dieing YET. (2 years ago)

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