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Twin Cities Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Luis Obispo County, CA.

Twin Cities Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Twin Cities Community Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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The hospital staff were great, they made sure I was stable and had the correct meds before leaving. The billing people were just absolutely awful and not helpful. The people may have been somewhat nice, however the way the department runs is appalling. They charged me copays when my insurance had no copay. I argued, but they charged me several more times over the course of a few months. They also try to sneak the bill past insurance by billing it as something different than emergency or hospital. I had a great experience with the doctors, I felt in good hands. But, the department which handles insurance, their main mission is extortion. (2 months ago)

I called from So. calif to find out if my Foster daughter was listed as a patient (I knew she was as I had just spoke with her) The receptionist seemed very put out as I spelled her last name. Within a second she came back with, WE DON'T HAVE ANYONE IN OUR HOSPITAL WITH THAT NAME). Needless to say I was baffled and I said, "This is the number she gave me", and Ms. Congeniality Came back with, I told you shes not lusted here. I said, Well I guess I cant send Flowers then. She could have at leadt asked me to spell the last Name again. Just in case she COULD BE WRONG. (a month ago)

If you wanna go die to a hospital, go to this hospital. I needed immediate help, and the employe said I had to wait an hour. Then the people who came to emergencies didn't needed at all immediate care. (a month ago)

lets not kid ourselves, this is a 0 star hospital. that should be closed down. 8 months ago my wife collapses in the bathroom from severe headache and abdominal pain, she tells the ambulance driver she wants to go to french med, they talked her out of it, say it could be life threatening. so she goes to twin cities, they run a battery of test knowing she has a history of cancer but didn't request CA-125 blood test or contrast for the CT scan. dr toole omitted her cancer history and said she had no abdominal pain. yet they gave her a prescription for mlanta for her abdominal pain. the DR listed history of kidney stones and back aches, (neither were relevant) and did not list her ovarian cancer. the ct scan showed 3 lesions on her liver 2.5cm, 1.5cm and .8cm. that should have warranted further diagnosis. there was no kidney stone found. instead,twin cities ignored the radiologists recommendation of ct scan with contrast. sent her home saying it's probably a occult kidney stone. no mention of the 2 hernias or a possibility of returning ovarian cancer. she was admitted to french hospital 8 months later and diagnosed with ovarian cancer. the cancer has metastasized from stage 1 to stage 3 in that time. her complaint of abdominal pain was change to suit the misdiagnosis. a headache 12 yrs ago that was caused by a side effect of estrogen patch(omitted from report) but i diagnosed that, not them. they botched 3 spinal taps(no record of that) and sent her home leaking spinal fluid. she returned 2 days later (not 4 as reported) with severe headache. her face paralyzed and apx7 days in the hospital not 3 that the record indicates. a surgeon had to repair the leaking spinal fluid! but there was no cause of the fluid leak on the med records. the surgeons notes were authenticated almost 2 months later. they completely falsified the medical records and charged the ins co. a simple cat bite was mistreated, the wound was never cleaned, never dressed and allowed to fester in the hospital for 4 days hoping they could amputate it.. but hey, they saved the finger to the tune of $40,000. this could have been avoided by cleaning the wound thoroughly, applying topical antibiotics, keep a clean dressing on it and a prescription for the correct oral antibiotics. chilling history of incompetency and criminal negligence and behavior, but they're OK with that and everything they did was to their standard. i have all the records and her ct scans as evidence in my hands. if you value your life or your loved ones, seek another option. if you've dealt with the similar problems with this hospital, i urge everyone to file complaints against the hospital @ to file complaints against an attending physician go here. (a month ago)

5/11/18 Since 2004 the Case Mgmt/Discharge Planning staff at this hospital have just been HORRIBLE & SUBSTANDARD! If you ever speak to one ... you are in rare company! They are NOT pt advocates as they should be, there is NO LIVE BODY TO EVER answer the dept phone, the CMs/DPs NEVER check their messages & the CMs/DPs NEVER, EVER RETURN CALLS! This must be stopped. Its unacceptable. Overall, this hospital is great ... but the CM/DP dept "sucks" & needs MAJOR surgical repair ... STAT! (2 months ago)

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