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Photo: Tug Valley ARH Regional Medical Center

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Tug Valley Arh Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Pike County, KY.

Tug Valley Arh Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tug Valley Arh Regional Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Absolutely awful place !! Ambulance took me there, they let me lay there and almost bleed to death, when they knew what was wrong with me! They didn’t tell me anything, they gave me medicine that shot my heart rate up, and my blood pressure was deathly low, after 6-7 hours they sent me to pikeville , and I was told pikeville had waited on me for that long. They done emergency surgery ASAP. I had lost 2 liters of blood and ended up having to have 4 blood transfusions! Needless to say, we are in the middle of getting a lawyer now , and we WILL do something about this! It’s not ok!!!!!!! Especially since they didn’t know how to cath me & caused problems with my bladder!! We will see you in court ! It’s all documented !!!!!! I wouldn’t take my dog to this place! Never recommended! (7 months ago)

Haven’t been in every very long but from the past few times I’ve been here you could be dying and it will take about 5 hours before you get any care (3 months ago)

If you need to go to the emergency room, avoid ARH and go to Williamson Memorial Hospital instead. Few, not all but few of nurses in the emergency room does not mind to harm you as long as if it means to get something from you such as your blood. Especially for people like me who have hard-to-find veins, while I personally (obviously, since I know my blood veins) showed a nurse where to find it and where to get the blood from but the nurse demand that she is to get the blood from the hardest place to find the veins in me which is the center of my arm and she guaranteed that she would find it and that she would get blood. After several warnings that she would not find any veins nor to get any drips of blood from there, that all it would do is to harm me and she plead that I allow her to give it a try so I said only one time even though I know she would fail to do so. She went ahead, put rubber bands on my arm, said "I found it!" (in my mind, no she did not) and she poked a needle in it. Guess what? No blood! I said, enough. She pulled needle out, again she demand another try and I told her that I warned her that I would only give her one try. She practically begged, so I gave in and said one more then that's it. She put the needle back in, same place and this time she had even harder time to find the vein and harder time to get blood from there so I told her to pull it out. She refused, she pretty much move the needle all over around in that one spot and she hit the nerve I screamed for her to get it out! She kept going at it, I screamed "STOP! Listen, STOP! All you are doing is hurting me, I warned twice and yet you are still going at it even worse than the first attempt". She ignored my request that for her to stop and pull the needle out. So, in too much of pain and I had no choice but grabbed her hand then made an attempt myself to pull the needle out but she fought me to keep the needle in. So, my mother there with me she demand her to pull out and she also refused her request so I push her away from myself then another nurse heard my scream so another woman came in to her surprise to see how stubborn that that nurse were so the second nurse immediately pulled the needle out then that stubborn nurse left (finally). So, the second nurse I explained everything about the fact that I am one of few people who has hard-to-find veins and that the first nurse act as if she knows it all. I explained carefully, I said "listen, THIS IS WHERE you will get blood from so put the needle in THIS EXACT SPOT where my finger is and there you will get blood out. Then we both will be happy!". So, she listened and put the needle in the exact spot that I told her where to get the blood from. It only took her within' 5 seconds to get all blood that she needs. The first nurse who did several attempts to get blood from me, took about 20 minutes and achieved nothing. Aftermath, I became ill due to being overly stressed by the pain that the first nurse caused with getting the blood from me. The nurses in Emergency Room, one of them named Angel and among few more others are horrible. They refuse to listen to you to get what it is needed, like where to get blood from especially that you know your body better than anybody and some of these nurses beg differ. After all the drama, I had to be admitted to have a surgery in the morning. The nurses that tends you in second floor and these nurses who takes care of you if you are to stay at the hospital are very nice. That's only good thing that I have from there, is that the nurses that takes care of you if you are admitted is nice and sweet. But some of the nurses in the emergency room are not so sweet and are not so nice so if you need to emergency room I would go to Williamson Memorial Hospital instead or better yet Pikeville Medical Hospital if it's not too far. If you are dying, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT go there because my uncle, my aunt, my grandmother and my grandfather passed away there in particular order. (a year ago)

Getting a call back from the surgical department is like pulling teeth. (a month ago)

and this is why my mom is quiting here job here as a Nurse! (2 months ago)

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