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SMYRNA, TN 37167

Community hospital that opened in 2003. Information about services, news, physician directory, and career center. Part of the TriStar Health System.

Tristar Stonecrest Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Rutherford County, TN.

Tristar Stonecrest Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tristar Stonecrest Medical Center is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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There aren’t enough words or ways to express how grateful I am to the entire staff in the labor and delivery department at Stonecrest Medical Center. They were caring, kindness, and sweet to me during my hospital stay. I am so grateful to them. Also I want to give nurse Jeanne Nolan for her kind professional demeanor. Thank you so much for the excellent medical care. (a week ago)

Came in for abdominal pain and they took blood, urine, X-ray, and ultra sound. The ER was not full and I had checked in at 10:30pm. The nurse had said that the results doesn’t take but an hour to come in and I am just now leaving at 2:45am. Reason why they took so long was because they forgot about me. The nurse came in and asked me if the Dr came in yet and i said no. She was taking out my needle and when it was out she pressed down on it. I don’t know I guess this is what was taught but that was a first for me and that hurt! Then finally the Dr came in and said “I’m sorry i got carried away”. What!? Just don’t go there.... it’s not worth it. (a month ago)

I would have given zero stars. On Jan 10 my wife had a gallbladder surgery performed by an In-Network doctor. A couple of days before the surgery, she went in for a consultation. The front desk advisor told her that if she pays her deductible up front in the amount of $2,700; she would get a 20% discount and everything will be covered at 100%. A few days later we received a call from the hospital that we have to pay $600 for the doctor fees in order to schedule the surgery. My wife told her she advised to pay the entire deductible the day of the surgery. Then she said to go ahead and pay $250 first and we can pay the remaining the day of surgery which we did. The surgery went well we were able to leave the same day. Then 3 months later we received a surprise bill for $8483.07 to find out that the hospital that my In-Network doctor works at was an Out-of-Network hospital. Another $1,200 for doctors fee and $870 for anesthesiologist bill. These are all “member pays” portion, which means we went from paying our deductible $2,700 to a total expense of $12,000 out of pocket. That's just crazy! Who has that kind of money just sitting around ?!?! I understand the fact that just because we have met our deductible doesn’t mean everything is covered 100%. At the same time, do these people have any ethics? They have to check to see if a patient has medical insurance and if it’s acceptable and how much is covered but conveniently forget to check if the hospital is In-Network or Out-of-Network. If the doctor performing the surgery is In-Network why would anyone check to see if the hospital is also In-Network? Why would anyone choose to go to the hospital that is Out-of-Network? We weren’t given a list of hospitals to choose from. We were SCHEDULED at Stonecrest. How do you charge patient for Out-of-Network service when you’re the one that scheduled us? We would have driven to Vanderbilt had we known. The doctors and hospital have bills to pay and they have to make money to stay in business. But to legally rob patients, I’m just lost for words. I don’t know if any others are experiencing this situation. I hope this will help others to be more cautious. Just like the other reviewer, there should be an investigation into hospital practice. So they can stop sticking people with these outrageous bills. (a week ago)

I went in with cramps and my stomach hurting. They put a Needle in my arm for an IV bag but never give me the bag. The Doc. Came in wanting to run test, I told him I was dehydrated because it happened last year and it was the same feeling. He saw money when looking at my insurance. They did a cat scan and took my back to my room. They put a IV bag on the sink and left. 2 hours latter I finally got some one to go get the Doc. And tell him I needed something for pain. He came in and said we gave you an IV bag 2 hours ago. Nope there it is on the sink. Then every body came in the room trying to take care of me. They put the bag up and some thing over it to force in in me faster, so fas t it was kinda hurting. As soon as that was done I got 2 pain pills and was told I could go home. But I did get 3 bills for the great job they did. I will tell everyone I know not to go there. Very very unprofessional. I could tell they wanted to run test and hit the insurance for as much as possible. 5/6/2018 , I just got an other bill from them. I would not recommend this place to a dog. All they care about is getting in your wallet!!! I also got a response from them saying they felt that they had done a very good job while I was there. I have had my house broken into 2 times and someone still from me. This feels the same way. I hope one of them has to set in a room hurting so bad and cramping up and they need me to help. I'm going to try and get the news media to do something on this. (a month ago)

I had a great experience with the doctors and nurses at TriStar. They were caring and answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. I would not hesitate to have outpatient surgery there in the future. I also want to give nurse Nicole kudos for her kind professional demeanor. (2 months ago)

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