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Tristar Skyline Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Davidson County, TN.

Tristar Skyline Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tristar Skyline Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My brother was taken to Skyline Medical after suffering a major stroke. He had so much brain damage, there was no hope of any recovery. The entire staff, from housekeeping to the physicians were incredible. They gave us such support and comfort while my father had to make the decision to end life support. We wanted to give special thanks to his nurses Lexi, night shift and Melanie, day shift. They gave incredible care to my brother, and were so compassionate and caring with us as we were dealing with the decisions that needed to be made. They were honest and forthcoming with information and allowed my dad to make the decisions necessary and allow time for other family members to arrive. Could not have asked for better care. (2 months ago)

This is a GREAT facility. Our son was there after a car accident and he spent a week in the trauma unit. The care was absolutely excellent. The reason why I give only 2 stars is that I had called my insurance plan to make sure this facility was in network and they said it was, only for me to receive a number of bills afterwards (3 to 4 months later), for several thousand dollars, "because some of the doctors/surgeons that treated my son in Skyline were out of network". In other words, the facility is in network, but they contract with doctors that are not. The bills we received later are called "balance billing". This practice is illegal in New York, but not in Tennessee. I am disappointed in Skyline for allowing this, and for them not to be able to demand that their doctors would be in network. When our child was in the trauma unit, we did not have an opportunity to know if the surgeons were in network or not. Everything was an emergency and he had to have multiple surgeries. I feel I was deceived by Skyline administrators. (a month ago)

My husband and I were in a major motorcycle accident in Kentucky and flown to Skyline. I don't know about any of the department besides the trauma team in the ER, but the orthopedic team, Dr. Jason Evans, orthopedic surgeon specifically, was excellent he gave me the best care and if we'd been taken to U of L, I may not be walking today. There's nothing or anyone that can tell me any bad things about the quality of care at TriStar Skyline, from the nurses that cared for me day today, to the excellent trauma team, but Dr. Jason Evans the orthopedic surgeon that rebuild my entire lower body, I would argue is one of the best in the country would trust him with my child and later on in life when I had another accident, I appreciate my husband's judgement to take me from Glasgow Kentucky back there whenever I had punctured lungs and many other broken bones because of the excellent care they gave. When you are in that type of life and death situation where you are totally conscious and aware of decisions you can make and being made for you, these are the people you want there by your side helping you through the most trying times you could ever imagine. Unless you were just some person they're trying to get drugs in the emergency room because you're an addict that would be the only way they would not take care of you and even in that situation if you were injured they would help you so all the people complaining are just bitter because they didn't get what they wanted but in this hospital I guarantee you you will get what you need and treated with the utmost respect and care (3 months ago)

I hate to complain because the doctors, nurses and staff are extremely helpful and attentive to our loved one’s needs but the cleanliness & condition of the critical care waiting area and restrooms are appalling. Our family is here for our second day and the previous litter and trash from yesterday is still shouldn’t be that hard to keep it clean. (a month ago)

My grandmother walked into this hospital...was misdiagnosed by incompetent staff...manhandled and injured more,... Sent to a rehabilitation center, only to be sent back to Skyline to die! Seems to be a common theme, with elderly patients sent here...both my grandparents met their demise after being treated at this death trap! DRIVE THE EXTRA MILES TO A REAL HOSPITAL IN NASHVILLE! (2 months ago)

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