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Tristar Hendersonville Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Sumner County, TN.

Tristar Hendersonville Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tristar Hendersonville Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - other hospital.

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The best experience!! I came in for a planned csection. I had an awful experience previously with our first child at a different hospital. I was very nervous & a bit scared. Dave (anesthesiologist) from the birthing center, Michele (an RN), & Teresa (an RN) ... thank you for being so kind & amazing!! You made this such a special/memorable time in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Highly recommend!! (a week ago)

Absolutely the best experience of my life...I will forever be grateful to these fantastic team of nurses and doctors that aided in delivering my baby. These nurses are qualified and knowledgeable beyond my expectations. The nurses were also very sweet and caring. I am so happy with my choice to deliver my baby at HMC! Thanks Ladies! (2 months ago)

Update: Although the below did transpire, I am updating my review from 1 star to 4 stars. In the months that followed I felt that although we were not granted financial assistance, we were given generous cash pay discounts and the billing staff that I spoke to were very helpful in working out a payment plan with us on the remaining balance. I am very happy with how the follow-up was handled in regards to the balance and payment plan. I do feel however, that the communication with the billing for the radiology could be improved because we had trouble getting our address fixed with the hospital and once it was fixed whoever does radiology billing was not notified and we were never given contact information on who they were. I had to ask a couple of time on if there was a separate billing for his CT and Ultrasound and when I was transferred they told me we had been sent to collections due to returned mail. Since it had been recent they were able to pull it out and resend the bill to us but that could of been a huge potential problem. The price we were bill was very reasonable however. Thank you for turning this experience around!-Michelle Terrible customer service. Had to take my husband to the ER while out of town evacuating from Irma. The medical staff was nice and jumped on treating my husband and they deserve a kudos for sure, Dr. Harrison was great and they put him on a fast track for care BUT the guy checking in at the ER was rude, I was trying help check my husband in as he was in extreme level 10 pain and the guy told me in an annoyed way that I could not be at the check in counter with him, what?! He was having a hard time standing and I could not help give them any of his information!? The intake coordinator did not put our apartment number down and I gave it to them at check out because I saw she had it missing and I KNOW they have it because we got a physician portion bill statement for Dr. Harrison for the visit WITH the apartment number on it but when we called regarding the rest of the bill they magically did not have it saying they had sent us bills a month ago and a DENIAL for financial assistance and we have not received one darn thing in the mail. We applied for financial assistance and were told we would receive a phone call from someone in their financial assistance department, no one called us or sent any notification, they denied assistance and my husband is uninsured with cancer and somehow in our home state based on Federal Poverty guidelines were approved for 100% charity here but not even one dollar at this place even though they said they use Federal Poverty guidelines?! We are super grateful for the wonderful help we have received at our home hospital with a scary cancer diagnosis, EXTREMELY disappointed with the lack of care and compassion from the customer service staff and billing staff with this facility. No follow through and no help when desperately needed on one income and barely scrapping by but somehow we are supposed to pay a bill that is half of our yearly income right now. Sure, no problem. I even asked Catrisse (sp?)I believe her name was in billing, what do we do then? Can we do a payment plan? She just says they will send us the bill and the letter stating why we were denied any assistance. I asked if I could speak to someone in their assistance department and she said no that she would send them a note that I am "disputing" their decision but they do not have an appeals. Okay, thank you?? Confusing, frustrating and would never come back here if we had to. (a month ago)

Had a terrible experience at this hospital. Just plain awful. The ER staff is censorious, and everyone at this hospital will defend each other--to the bitter end, even though they may be wrong. Please don’t file complaints intrinsically within the Hendersonville Hospital domain. You will get nowhere. Go to the Joint Commission and file a complaint; they take complaints very seriously and have some oversight over Hendersonville Medical Center. You don’t have to give your name, and thus you can file complaints anonymously with the Joint Commission. The ER Medical Chief here in Hendersonville Hospital, has been accused of striking his/her employees (per court records) and charged with the wrongful death of a young innocent girl, whom had an emergency (per court records). Due to the negligence of the Medical Chief here, she died prematurely due to permanent brain damage, and he had to answer to the Court in Paducah, Kentucky . In Kentucky, as aforementioned, he was charged for the wrongful mortality of a young girl. He was NOT acquitted. Unrelated, even if it is a non-emergency, a public hospital must treat every individual per law. Remember, the Joint Commission possesses power in holding Hendersonville Hospital accountable. See the court case "Deborah Lacy v. HCA Tristar Hendersonville Hospital, et al" for details on the Medical Chief of the ER room at Hendersonville in that he can be quite dangerous. First, it's negligence leading to brain damage, next it is striking employees. Do no harm! (3 weeks ago)

I am due on April 23rd with my first child and had a meeting with the Nurse Navigator Cindi. She was so sweet and really took her time with me. She explained everything to expect with delivery from the good to the bad. She took me on a tour and showed me the birthing center. I am now excited to have my baby VS. being scared. (4 months ago)

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