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UnityPoint Health - Trinity provides outstanding care for Fort Dodge, Iowa and the surrounding areas.

Trinity Regional Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Webster County, IA.

Trinity Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Trinity Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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If I could I'd give this place 5 zeros!! They have a bunch of doctors who don't have a clue as to what they are doing. I don't know where these people got their education but they need to go back. I swear they will hire any one. The anesthesiologist almost killed me and my unborn child. He gave me an epidural and I stopped breathing for 10 minutes. The E.R sent my mother in law home not once but twice with a erupted appendix, causing her to become septic and almost killing her. The pediatrics waited 3 days to give my 3 year old a white blood cell count and an xray. So 3 days he went without his bacterial phenomena being treated. They did a surgery on my Dad to repair his colon and ended up putting a kink in his intestines causing him to be hospitalized for over a month opposed to a week and needing a 2nd surgery. After his first surgery he busted his incision open in the shower and started bleeding everywhere, he pulled the red EMERGENCY cord and it took the nurses 15 minutes to get to the shower room to help my Dad! Mind you the shower room is 5 feet away from the nursing station. Please go to Webster if your able. They are amazing there and you'll be in great hands unlike this sorry excuse for a hospital. (2 months ago)

Very happy with the ER!! Got me in quick and figured out why I was having such unbearable pain.. Before I went there I went to my primary doctor in Sac City as well as Carroll ER. My primary doctor found a cyst on my ovary and did no further investigating... and put off my calls when my pain got worse.... I decided to go to Carroll ER because the pain was so bad.. couldn't walk, sleep, go to the bathroom, or even go to work.. They didn't do any looking into it......just gave me shots, told me to suck it up and sent me home. Turns out it was my appendix! Fort Dodge found that out quick and turned out I needed surgery. I cannot express how grateful I am of the Fort Dodge hospital!! Kept my pain under control and were very understanding.... I know they haven't been that great in the past... but now they improved a lot. Definitely recommend them!!!! (7 months ago)

Horrible ER. Wait time is forever. They claim they are busy. Then they place you in another room for at least an hour. See several staff just hanging out in rooms playing on their cell phones. If you can go to another town. They send in billing person way before you even get to see a doctor. Very unprofessional. I wouldn't bring my dog here for treatment. The vet provides way better service. Stay away from this place! (12 months ago)

Horrible staff nurses are very unprofessional came with my uncle with mental issues and they will not help threatening to call the cops and that will not help his problems....... very unprofessional (10 months ago)

I recently was sent by ambulance to the E.R. w/ shortness of breath in extreme pain, I told Dr. Touney tat I woke up that morning w/ a mild cough, & thought I caught a cold, so I thought this pain I had when I would breathe was plurasy, cause I had that as a child once, & it felt the same, I had chext x-rays, which he didn't see anything wrong on them, so he prescribed me some pain medicine for that night, the next morn. & night. the next day/ night the pain was constant, so I called my Dr.'s nurse who I'm seeing in Des Moines for what was thought was a cyst on my ovary to ask her if what I was told was a football sized cyst could be pushing everything below my lungs up causing me to have a hard time breathing, & just by the sound of my breathing over the phone, she told me I should call 911 & get a ct scan done in case I have a blood clot in my lung, so again I called 911, & went by ambulance to the ER. they thought a ct scan should be done, which they did, & sure enough Dr. Cole saw 1 blood clot in each of my lungs, & discovered from that ct scan what was thought to of been a cyst, was not a cyst, but rather a cancerous tumor, but my point is, the 1st night I was sent to the e.r. they should've done a ct scan instead of assuming it was plurasy,, giving me pain medicine, & sending me home, people can die from a blood clot in their lung, they need to run any/all scans poss. to look for things they can't hear w/ their stethoscope, or see on an x-ray before sending somebody home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK-GOD they have Dr. Cole who found the clots in my lungs, or I'd poss. be dead!!!!! unity point needs better doctors in their e.r.!! (a year ago)

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