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Trinity Hospital of Augusta Named 'Top Performer on Key Quality Measures®' by The Joint Commission Augusta, GA - Trinity Hospital of Augusta today was named as ...

Trinity Hospital Of Augusta is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Richmond County, GA.

Trinity Hospital Of Augusta does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Trinity Hospital Of Augusta is a proprietary hospital.

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I got here @10:30 pm and it is now 1:58 am, I came because I have irregular periods, I bleed a lot and I never know when it will go off. I explained myself to the doctor and she says “well I can’t stop your bleeding, I don’t have a magic wand or anything” (sarcastically). She had the nurse come in and take two tubes of blood but she couldn’t find my vein so she had another nurse do it. They checked my blood pressure four times and I was told I was going to be examined. I’ve been waiting well over an hour for someone to come back in the room.. this is ridiculous, I will NOT be coming back here. (4 weeks ago)

Dr. Brian Hughes came in and didn't help my fiance who couldn't breathe. He put his hand in my face after I was advising him of the situation then asked us to leave. He stated all that all he was required to do was to diagnose and that was by federal law. He did that and he told us to have a good day. We weren't at the hospital for a full 20 min and while we were getting ready to leave I asked for a wheel chair not even a full minute, they had the discharge papers as well. The nurse was rude the only person that was nice was the lady at the front desk Thank God I went to MCG. I'll never go back to this campus and I will be sure to take this over his head. He has had numerous complaints, but this has to stop before he kills somebody. My fiance was diagnosed with Pneumonia at MCG and DR. Hughes sent us home without even checking, he basically refused to do anything, and he made it as a joke. But I wont let it go. I have all the paper work. (6 months ago)

Local Hospital swindling patients out of money: I was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2016. In June I had my first surgery at Trinity Hospital of Augusta and it turns out my margins weren't clear afterwards so I had to have a second surgery. My next surgery was scheduled for September 22. On September 20th I went in for pre-op. In the registers office I had asked if I went ahead and paid for my previous surgery and the upcoming surgery would I get a discount. I was advised yes so I paid the June Bill which amounted to roughly $1000 and the September bill which was around $450 (I was advised I received a bigger discount since I was paying for the second surgery in advance). Few months go by and I receive a bill that stated I owed nearly $1000 for the second surgery (mind you the second surgery was the exact same surgery but didn't last as long). I called up to the hospital they told me to forward them my receipts and someone would review them and get back with me in 2 weeks. Nearly a month had gone by without hearing anything form the hospital, when an officer showed up at my doorstep to serve me. The hospital was suing me! I called but they gave me the run around even tried calling the lawyers office which is located in Florida and they weren't any help either. I responded to the suit and again sent them my receipts and where it came out of my account. Needless to say I didn't win the battle and now have to pay a bill that was already paid and is collectively about $1500 (if you include the original amount that I had paid) and again same surgery, less time, more money. This isn't the first time something similar hasn't happened. If you read the reviews you will see one from someone that they put a lien on someones house who never stepped foot in the hospital. Something needs to be done. (5 months ago)

They are just so slow just make people sit here for hours just so they can make their money and don't do anything already had my x-rays and still here sitting in this cold room freezing like a fool (3 months ago)

Had our second baby here. The facilities were fine but nothing exeptional. Staff were pretty rude. I do not recommend. (11 months ago)

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