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Trinity Bettendorf is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Scott County, IA.

Trinity Bettendorf does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Trinity Bettendorf is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Dr. Hansen is the rudest medical professional I have ever met. I have never been treated so poorly and I wasnt even the patient! The other staff and the security officer was top notch and very polite. If you go here beware of Hansen.. His nurse doesnt even like him lol. (2 months ago)

Small wait times, nice staff. I am glad I don't use Genesis Health Services. Unity Point is way Better!!! (3 months ago)

My twin boy was burned at this hospital. My baby was only 2 days old and was going down to get circumcised they had my twins for 20 minutes then came back and said my baby had a blister on his chest and was burned all on his left side. When asked about what happened nobody knew anything but something obviously happened. This was the worse experience of my life. The nurse manager and nurses tried to make it like I was suffering from postpartum depression because I was crying and asking questions about what happened to my baby. They ended up sending us to Iowa City because it got infected. A 48 hour old newborn has to suffer because of someone’s negligence. I would not reccomend this birthing center ever. (3 months ago)

I'm severely disappointed with what I experienced here today versus what I've heard in others experiences. I came to the emergency room with a really serious condition that could not be handled by my general practitioner. It was an immediate need, quite frightening and I really doubt that anyone else would have gone to their general practitioner to get this taken care of as it needed to be tended to in a very urgent fashion. The first gal that I spoke to asked a couple quick questions and then went right into "What brought you here instead of to your general doctor.... If you've had this for that length of time what changed to make you come here". which is okay...I could understand the need to ask that question if I hadn't seen her body language, tone and audible sigh. I definitely did not feel like I come to the right place or would receive the help I came for. She felt I should've made anorher appointment with my doctor. She also kept saying things like, "well I just don't want you to think we're going to be able to diagnose it or anything". If you've been seeing a doctor and specialist for that amount of time your best bet would probably be to go back to them." Perhaps it's because For the first time in over 20 years I'm without insurance... in between jobs. I'd like to believe that my lack of insurance has nothing to do with the missing customer service and "can do/ will help" kind of atitude, which I really could have used today. But then I went and saw the PA next who began with the same type of questioning. I can't prove It, but it definitely seemed as if she'd spoken with him, gave her thoughts, & he'd passed judgement before coming in. Statements like "you know those people know far more than I do. We're not going to be able to do anything for you here we're probably just going to end up referring you back to your primary. But... Let's go ahead and get you in a gown so we can see all of the areasa of concern, and then we can go ahead and get you set up with your dr." Ummm WHAT?? I'm thinking why would I pay thousands of dollars just for you to tell me exactly what you've already told me you're going to tell me? How frustrating, angering, and somewhat humiliating considering I didn't really want to come to the hospital anyway. In both cases, I explained that while I've had this condition for quite some time and yes..I have seen a few specialists for's definitely come to a point where going to the doctor or walk clinic is not a viable option because my life and well-being were definitely in danger. I know this because of my experience with this condition. I have a very detailed understanding of my illness, sadly more than the doctors do sometimes because I study it everyday. I have to so I know when it's come to a point where there's nowhere else to turn and waiting is not possible. And at this point waiting for my doctor or going to see my doctor so she could send me to a specialist again was not going to cut it. And neither would going to a walk-in clinic which the first gal also mentioned. I have no doubt both would've sent me straight to the ER. I can say this with utmost certainty because my main doctor and 2 walk-in clinics have tried to send me to the ER recently because they didn't feel that they could handle the issue and felt it was at a critical point and couldn't be left unattended. So where does that leave me exactly? I have my main doctor Who is redirecting me to a specialist and not able to handle the issue a walking clinic feels the same and then the ER wants me to go back my doctor. I'll tell you where it leaves me... in the same position as I walked in scared, hopeless, embarrassed but alive. In regard to the lattr I hope that it remains that way until I get in to see my doctor and then a specialist... Or even better....Genesis... Hopefully they'll be willing and able to help me today. (I left so upset I thought I'd take my mind off things while waiting). *Fingers crossed* (2 months ago)

As a Nurse I see the small things in Care Centers :. Endoscopy staff receives Highest Marks. Wound Clinic however, billed me for an Operating Suite (4k) when I had a wound debrided in a curtained multi-patient clinic. When I asked them about it, the staff said ''your insurance covers it. Why would you care?" ... Never would return there (4 months ago)

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