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Tri-City Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in San Diego County, CA.

Tri-City Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tri-City Medical Center is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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Sunday Open 24 hours

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Poor receptionist professionalism. I had a bill that was due on a Saturday, March 3rd. It turns out that billing offices were closed.. I needed to have this paid immediately. I figured I would call the hospital. The receptionist who answered the phone at about 8:22am had no desire to give me information or help. I understand that offices are closed, but her actions was not of good practice. She had given me a sarcastic tone throughout the phone call while laughing, and making snarky remarks to coworkers. (2 months ago)

My father got into a car accident arrived at 3:30 pm it's 6:30 pm he's still in the waiting room, complained or severe pain, half his body is going numb and they just told us there are no beds and they can't manufacture any, unless you're visibly bleeding out you need to wait in line. I worked as a nurse assistant and this was the one hospital I asked the registry not to send me because of the lack of help and their people skills. If you can avoid Tri-City do it...anyother hospital is better than that dump. (a month ago)

Came in experiencing a true neurological emergency. (I have been diagnosed with a rare neurological condition for over a decade and have extensive experience in hospitals) I was brought in barely conscious and shaking profusely, with other symptoms. We were stopped and shushed off by an employee who wouldn't even listen to my husband or myself (what little I could communicate), when finally called in to triage again we we're cut off from trying to frantically explain that I was warned I may be having issues with an aneurysm and to immediately head to the closed emergency center. They refused to hear about my medications. They ignored my dangerously high blood pressure. Once being shooshed, YET AGAIN to the waiting room we waited an hour til I was wakeful enough to convince my husband to take me elsewhere that would understand the signs of a neurological emergency. This is the place you come to if you have a broken bone or the flu. If you have a life threatening issue, you can expect to be silenced and left to sit. (3 months ago)

Yes this one star is because of A.M.! We are not arguing about the rules and policies here, but the way she dealt or handled the situation is very very very incompetent and rude. My wife got admitted for gallstone removal, it's her first ever surgery and she was terrified. We are aware it's a common surgery but she's still terrified. Unfortunately we don't have any family near by or in the whole county and what makes it harder, we have a baby. No one told us anything about the baby except positive comments and how cute the baby is, no one mentioned or even advised that the baby shouldn't be there. My wife asked several times for help with feeding our baby with bottles (because baby only takes breast milk). A.M. turned our request for help to "this baby has to get out of here PERIOD!" We have been admitted for HOURS with the baby and we got admitted before WITH THE BABY, but the moment we ask for helping, she felt it's a responsibility she doesn't wanna deal with. We tried to explain that my wife needs me and she's scared and no one can be with her except US! A.M. didn't care and she gave us an hour and then cane back with a security guard to kick me and the baby out and leave my freaked out wife alone! She didn't care, she was not sorry, she just kicked us out! Other nurses were nice and explaining the situation which is totally understandable that the baby is exposed and it's not good for her, but the situation of being kicked out in front of my wife freaked her out, elevated her heart rate and temperature because of the scene! I intend to leave but at least make my wife feel it's ok and ask someone to come and take my place, but again she doesn't care and doesn't want to wait and inconsiderate of how hurt or bad my wife feels or scared she will be all alone! A.M. is not even sorry. She didn't even wait for my wife to fill up some breast milk for the baby. I left with a crying baby having no idea how and where to feed her! Other nurses and even the nice security guard were sorry and surprised for what A.M. did, but not her!!!!! I immediately contacted my lawyer whose more than happy to help as this made my wife's experience much more complex. Rules are respected but should be explained as well!! UPDATE: now after surgery, we were told by THE DOCTOR that it should be ok to breast feed the baby! I even asked other nurses later if I can have more formula, they responded that it should be ok to bring the baby to her mother and have her breast fed! No one mentions anything again about the baby, no one harassed us which makes it even more personal that the lady in the morning was taking it on a personal level. We have dealt with over 10 different RNs for the past 24 hours, not a single one advised or even said a comment about the baby having to leave except for A.M. All other RNs are apologizing for the harassment she did and all said it wasn't necessary!! Baby drank only 1oz in the last 14 hours and she is starving, but finally eating her moms milk!! (4 weeks ago)

Waiting for few hours to get help for my mom in the er. She is in alot of pain. So the nurse could tell me why come to the er. This hospital sucks. (3 weeks ago)

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