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About the hospital, key services, find a doctor and job, health classes, spiritual health, health library and a patient e-mail feature. (Tillamook)

Tillamook Regional Medical Center is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Tillamook County, OR.

Tillamook Regional Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tillamook Regional Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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I was in this Hospital for almost three days! They have the kindest doctors and nurses that I have ever seen working in a hospital! If the would have rating for 100 stars, that is what I would have given them! (in the last week)

ER was not worth the bill! Very rude staff from man clerk Shad to doctor were not customer oriented at all. Billing system is ridiculous. They will send you 3 different bills for the same visit. (a month ago)

Very kind and are very nice to help people in need. Tillamook hospital is amazing. (3 weeks ago)

Went to the ER cause I had an excruciating pain in my mouth (most likely a gum infection). I get in to see a doctor, she pokes around my mouth with a wooden stick and then tells me oh, we don't do any sort of dental work here. They write me a prescription for a handful of pain pills that hardly work and tell me to go see a dentist on a day every dental office in town is closed. Then bill me $200. $200 for them to say they can't help me, go somewhere else. (3 months ago)

Not all but one in particular Dr in er is rude and doesn't take compassion nor care for her patients she worked last night around 11 or so it isn't the first time we have had to deal with her but gaurantee u it will be the last assumes u r an alcoholic or on drugs last year my daughter drank a little bit with her sister a couple drinks not something she does all the time at all it was a one time deal well she got to were she wasnt feeling well this lady Dr was the Dr on call that night she tells my daughter she needed to go to alchol classes and ussumed my daughter was an alcoholic and on drugs my daughter doesn't drink normally can it was a couple drinks she was not usta drinking and that was un called for the Dr was rude then and again to her last night my daughter has anxiety depression and has been I'll for a few weeks a few days ago was diagnosed with upper respiratory infection and told of worsens to come back in so she did only to be seen by Ms? Dr on staff ms? tells my daughter that there is nothing they can do for her that her rib is fractured or something my daughter didn't understand because she was never told that from her xray a couple days before my daughter holding her puke bucket miserable hot dizzy puking up green mucas was sent home a few hrs later I get off work I take my daughter back to er same Dr working the guy nurse who is very nice was talking with my daughter this nurse comes in with her hands in her pockets and says what do u want me to do my daughter says that she is miserable the Dr says there is nothing we can do for u I speak up and tell this Dr that 6 of our family members have been diagnosed with influenza and one with phnemonia she says not saying that this is what my daughter has but a good chance she continues to keep her hands in her pocket and says she checked my daughter earlier and that there is nothing wrong with her I said so if I take her to a different Dr they r going to tell me the same thing she kicks me out says she isn't even going to talk with my unless I leave the room so I did my daughter walks out about 5 min later if that because the nurse told her she cannot just Dr shop when my daughter asked her when the next Dr came on shift well a couple hrs went by after o took my daughter home I watched her continusly puke change her clothes twice hold her chest go from hot to cold we called er Drs changed shift so back to er this Dr walks in ask my daughter what he can do she says just make me feel better that she didn't want no pain pills only to feel better that she was miserable he at least listened and did make her feel better a big thank you to him it's the next day now she has been up since 4 puking and not feeling well I just want her better there is obviously something wrong a concerned mother also an irraated one with one certain in caring rude Dr who needs to learn compassion and respect Dec 17 2017 (7 months ago)

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