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130 2ND ST, NEENAH, WI 54956
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130 2ND ST
NEENAH, WI 54956


Thedacare Regional Medical Center - Neenah Inc is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Winnebago County, WI.

Thedacare Regional Medical Center - Neenah Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Thedacare Regional Medical Center - Neenah Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My Mother had a full hip replacement yesterday 3/13/18. On the way home today she told me, in short She was manhandled by 1 cna that refused to get a helper. My understanding is Policy is 2 nurses to help my mother. Mom asked for another to help, cna refused, Got her to the potty and then left her there for a long time. Mom could not get up and was yelling for help. She pulled the emergency cord in the bathroom then the cna came back got her back to bed roughly. Mom was hurting very badly and was only given tylonal. Then she requested the rn, rn came mom told her she was in much pain and what happened. Rn called cna in and they basically ganged up on her. Later mom asked the same cna for the rn then 2 hours later asked again cna said rn was to busy. Mom finally spoke to the rn and today management was involved however, they stated the cna would not be "in any trouble" only that it was a learning experience. So my mother was a "learning experience"?! That does not work for me!! That is my mother!! I left her in their care. She is still hurting from whatever that cna did. (4 months ago)

I have been here about 4 times since last August. I have always been treated with dignity and respect. I have yet to meet a nurse or Dr.that didn't make me feel like a valued patient. I need to throw some names out there....Sam, Amanda, Sara, Pam, Logan, Kayla, Jensen, Taylor, Jeff, Olga, Wanda, Katrina, and so many more...I was the patient doing laps at 2 in am. You all hold a very special place in my heart!!! Bless you all. (a year ago)

Had my child there the staff from women's care was fantastic so was the anesthesiologist. That being said the nurse I had for most of my stay was rushed and rude. If I called to use the bathroom she took a long time. also left me alone with baby out of reach after surgery. I reached out with a very long letter to their regional office and was never contacted. If I have more children I will drive past Theda to another hospital. (7 months ago)

This is specifically about the ER care from 4am-6:30am on week days. I had a kidney stone passing through me, and the pain was so bad, my partner insisted I go in. The receptionist was wonderful, and she could see I was in pain. She made sure I got in immediately. It was all downhill from there. The nurse was counting down the hours until her shift was done (out loud). Before the doctor would consider any kind of pain meds, I had to get a urine sample down at the other end of the hall. When I got back, the doc gave me an interim lecture about opioids, which I take for chronic conditions, but they clearly weren't working. After the lecture, we waited for lab results. It took a long time because the lab tech dropped my urine sample. Before I could get a cat scan, I had to have another urine sample. I was in so much pain, and was not allowed water (in case of surgery), but the nurse sent me trundling down the hall again. The urine sample was to test for a pregnancy that would have been a miracle for several reasons, but the test must be done (silly policy needs to stop). After that, they whisked me down a cold corridor (no blanket for you) for a cat scan. I was lucky to ask for a basin as soon as we got to the room, because I threw up twice upon arrival. The techs were kind, and they gave me a blanket before sending me back for treatment. The doctor saw a stone was lodged in my ureter (and there was a spot on my pancreas I need to get checked out), but still refused me any painkillers, which I didn't ask for but assumed he would probably offer. Ultimately, the puking, hydration iv, and anti-inflammatory injection helped. But I can't imagine the poor soul who gets sent home with some liver-destroying Tylenol as backup for when the stone actually passes. I have meds, but the policy is horrific for those with a "small" 3.5mm stone waiting to pass. My doctor clearly has't had a kidney stone, as he thought that was going to be easy. Anyway, I heard my nurse say she was leaving in 9 minutes as I left the ER for the last visit I will ever make there. Emergency Care is not the time or place for a lecture. I have doctors who define my treatment plans. I was lucky to get some relief, but others may not. If you have severe pain, this ER may not be a good choice for you. (7 months ago)

First of all I'd put zero stars! I had the worst experience possible. I had to deal with Dr. Sessions who hated me with a passion delivery our baby! Dr. Sessions said we'd be gone in 24 hrs. Minutes later she comes to say, ( in front of family and friends) yeah I need your meds etc. This is going on so he isn't leaving with you for at least 4 days! I said are you kidding me? In front of ppl who don't need to know this stuff and then proceeded to talk over me and ignore me so I was furious with how Dr sessions was handing this amazing experience of having a child!. I was later told by security I was verbally abusing my wife and threatened to kill the Dr (which is not true!!!) I wouldn't recommend seeing this (Doctor Sessions) she obviously isn't qualified with working with newborns. Dr. Sessions ruined the most valuable experience in my life with her lies and unprofessional manners! I am going to the state medical board and others about this Drs behavior. I DO NOT recommend anyone having their baby here. (9 months ago)

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