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1405 MILL ST, NEW LONDON, WI 54961
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1405 MILL ST

When you're in New London, WI, you're just seconds away from ThedaCare Medical Center-New London. For your convenience, the hospital shares the same campus with ...

Thedacare Medical Center New London is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Outagamie County, WI.

Thedacare Medical Center New London does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Thedacare Medical Center New London is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 700 AM – 700 PM
Tuesday 700 AM – 700 PM
Wednesday 700 AM – 700 PM
Thursday 700 AM – 500 PM
Friday 700 AM – 500 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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Worst hospital because they decided to hire R. J. Krajnik MD. Don't see him if possible. I filed a grievance with the hospital because a family member was seen by this dr. for a rib fracture and was not treated properly. He was given medication that shouldn't have been given because of another pre-existing condition. When we went back to the hospital the following day to receive help for complications of the fracture and pain that was not adressed, Krajnik MD took this as a personal attack and got inches away from the patient's face screaming, like he was going to physically hurt him. I was so shocked, I started crying. I wish I would've videotaped the incident. The dr then proceeded to ask why we went back to this hospital for follow up care instead of drive to another town on a holiday to get care somewhere else! How about do your job professionally? Or if not, send in a different doctor?! I asked Krajnik if it was his normal procedure to scream at patients for ten minutes instead of treat them for the medical reason they felt it was nessesary to go into the ER in the first place. I am a family with children, and had family drive out of town to visit us. Obviously fracturing ribs and taking holiday family time off to sit at the ER for help was not on our initial agenda. We were all sleep deprived, frustrated with lack of care, and the patient was in extreme pain from fracture. We weren't going to drive an hour away to a different hospital, did not think we would have to. When I complained about the lack of care and bedside manner, the Dr sent cops to my home. Probably to cover his ass, and to scare us. I filed a grievance anyway. This treatment is not acceptable. Krajnik shouldn't be allowed to play god and decide who he wants to treat properly based on his personal preference and not for any medical reasons. I expressed my concern with ThedaCare that because of past incidents even if a family member had a heart attack or stroke, I would ask to get transferred to a different hospital. I would fear that if my family was to be treated by Krajnik that our lives would be in danger. (4 months ago)

I give one Star because I can NOT give a 0.. After long time with medical problems I have met many different healthcare profesionals but Nlfmc Er staff is by far the worst Dr.Kraijnic not sure if I got that spelling right but he knows who he are the most heartless Dr I have ever met have 0 compassion for your job I dont even know why you are in this field of work you are the last person on earth that should have chose the medical field ...SORRY NOT SORRY JULIE A SMITH (a year ago)

Terrible. Had to go in 3 times for the same thing because they couldn't diagnose something extremely simple yet serious. (a year ago)

They couldn't even help my broken arm and sent to a different hospital (a year ago)

The doctors and staff are very friendly and helpful. (5 years ago)

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