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The University of Chicago Medicine is both a world-class research institute and a neighborhood health care provider.

The University Of Chicago Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Cook County, IL.

The University Of Chicago Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

The University Of Chicago Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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I used to come here Many years ago where, since it's a teaching hospital, had so many doctors that would come in with the main hospitalist that it would make your head spin! They have since got rid of that procedure, so I give them a huge thumbs up for that! However, some of the staff including the doctors, have a problem with actively listening to their patients to best assess what is the most effective way to devise a proper treatment plan. Seems like they forgot that the patient know their bodies best. The menu is great and overall the changes that has been made in the last 10 years have been positive ones and hope that they keep improving in this direction. (a month ago)

I have been a patient of University of Chicago Medicine for about a year now. Last week I saw what my doctors expect my insurance to pay. I AM APPALLED! I am appalled that they make that much money off of my and other people's cancer. It would be different if they weren't condescending to patients. It would be different if they could treat patients with real pain. If you are uncomfortable relieving pain with opiates, offer an alternative then. No cancer patient should be treated like it's their fault they are in pain. University of Chicago Medicine I challenge you to treat the people who make it possible for you to make that kind of money with respect and dignity. After all, we(cancer patients) are your meal tickets. And don't you forget about that! (a month ago)

The University of Chicago Hospital saved my life. All of the amazing days I've lived since are due to the care and compassion they gave me during the worst day of my life. No system is perfect. But they continuously strive for perfection. The nurses that brought me from a coma to good health are my personal heroes. I shall never be able to repay that debt. 15 years of life and counting, that they've given me....... and I've made them count .THANK GOD FOR YOU. (a month ago)

Facilities continue to be upgraded and are quite nice! The residents are amazing and really keep the place going (particularly the orthopedic surgery residents). Food options are limited, especially at night, and the options that are available are on the pricier side (especially for the geographic location/community). Family waiting areas for surgery are top notch. (a week ago)

I never do reviews but after reading these comments I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that feels the same way about this new imaging tech guy. I was there about 2 months ago and hated everything about my visit. I have to go back soon and I am dreading it!! He treats his patients like we’re animals it’s disgusting. Hopefully I will be able to request anyone but him!! (a month ago)

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