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The Outer Banks Hospital, Inc is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Dare County, NC.

The Outer Banks Hospital, Inc does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

The Outer Banks Hospital, Inc is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My husband had a heart attack while we were vacationing on The Outer Banks. The staff of the Outer Banks hospital were personal and attentive to both my family and my husband. The attending doctor stayed past his shift to make sure my husband was safely airlifted to the Caridac Hospital in Norfolk. The nurses stayed with me from the time we walked in the door and explained every step of every medical procedure. When it was time for him to be airlifted, one nurse stayed with me until we watched the helicopter take off. We cannot thank the medical staff enough for going the extra mile. (5 months ago)

Husband had a heart attack last Sunday and he was transported by ambulance to hospital because nightingale had been grounded due to fog. 5 pm The doctor, nurses and admitting personnel were very attentive. Within an hour of arrival after heparin and nitro drip started he was sent to VB General. The only complaint is that IV started at hospital was placed incorrectly and when medicine pushed very painful. Instead of IV being removed nurse continued to push med. When husband got to VB site swollen and entire forearm black and blue. The EmT had to start another IV on route as unable use OBX site. By 10 pm he was out of cath lab having three stents placed. 98% blockage 86% and 85% blocks. Thank you. The cardiologist said the care received at OBX helped keep heart damage minimal. Thank you. God bless and stay strong. (3 months ago)

It's either hit or miss with OBX Hospital. Either you get great service or bad service. Unfortunatley mine was bad . I do want to say the CT & MRI Techs were amazing. Super friendly and made sure I felt comfortable. I cant say the same with the nurses in ER. I told the front desk lady and the nurse who checked me in when I first arrived that my entire right side of my body was numb. Which are of a stroke!!! They took my vitals and said they would see me as soon as possible. 6 hours later they finally took me back. 4 hours later the CT scan was done. They told me the MRI lab wasnt opened until 7am so I had to wait another 2 hours for that. The MRI results came back postive for a Stroke. All they gave me were 4 baby aspirins and made me wait another 7 hours before they sent me in an ambulence. During the entire time I was waiting NEVER did someone come in to make sure I was alive. Never got a check up to see how I was doing or asked me if the numbness was getting better or worse. When I was at Sentara General in VA BEACH the service was amazing. I had nurses come in all the time to seen if I needed anything and asked about my numbness. Please do not ask me to call Guest Relations Coordinator. I already did and were no help. All they did was hear my story and that was it. Becca did hear my concerns and showed respect but I cannot say the same about Patricia who is in charge of billing. The first thing she told me was "oh we didnt charge you for the aspirn we gave you" Are you kidding me? You know a bottle of 36 baby aspirn only cost $2.99... They told me they do not charge based on the hours you are in the hospital its based on the level that your considered to be which I was told I was a level 5 out of 8 so i was pretty up there I would say. You would think yours nurses would have taken me back immediately when my symptoms were of a stroke and at least check on me every hour to make sure I was okay. If your going to charge me for the type of level care I was categorized at then you should start giving that high level type of service. The service I received was more like a level 1 patient. If they would put themselves in my shoes for 1 minute I am positive they would be upset as I am.... (5 months ago)

While on vacation wife had an infected cut from stepping on something at the beach. Went to the ER around 10pm on a Wednesday and was in and out in less than 2 hours. Back home we would have had to wait 2 hours just to get evaluated. Staff was all extremely friendly and everything was extremely efficient. (10 months ago)

The staff was very nice and the Dr had a great sense of humor. They took care of my mom and got her out of there pretty quickly. (8 months ago)

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