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Photo: The Medical Center of Southeast Texas

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The Medical Center of Southeast Texas is a 224-bed, state-of-the-art hospital located in Port Arthur, Texas.

The Medical Center Of Southeast Texas is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Jefferson County, TX.

The Medical Center Of Southeast Texas does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

The Medical Center Of Southeast Texas is a proprietary hospital.

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Took my 78 year old diabetic dad here because he was having shortness of breath. We got to the hospital at 9:30a.m. The emergency room nurses were pleasant. He ended up getting admitted because he had pneumonia, it took 11hours to be put in a room because they were "cleaning it" I spoke with the supervisor "Debbie" at 8:30p.m. and she put him in a room within minutes after our conversation, but the previous wait time before that was pure ridiculous. Being that my dad had pneumonia, he should have been kept in the hospital at least 3 to 4 days. He was released the next day, and they didn't give him a prescription for antibiotics. All they gave was one shot and some Dr. by the name of Dr. Thomas said that he was "all clear" to go home. My dad was still feeling bad the next day and went to see his family doctor, and he told my dad that he wasn't all clear and found out that Dr. Thomas (Dr. from the medical center) prescribed him the wrong medicine. This is pitiful. They need to do better. (a month ago)

Went tonight with my daughter who is about to be 22 months old. She got a hold of vape liquid which was what I thought was no where she could reach. I was wrong and was scared that my little girl might be poisoned. Showed up the ER. Nurse great and doctor great. But when someone shows up with what I was telling them, if she ingested enough it could of been fatal. Thank God she was okay. My complaint is I waited a hour in the lobby. Someone possibly poisoned should be right there with heart problems or someone having problems breathing. A hour wait is ridiculous and unacceptable. Thank you to the doctor and nurses that helped me and thank the Lord my daughter is okay. (2 months ago)

This place is a joke and so is Dr Joseph Mirakhor. Came in for severe pain on the right side of my face that I have been experiencing for several days while visiting from out of town. I have taken so many over the counter medicinces that I have actually taken more than what the directions tell you and have not been able to sleep for the past 2 nights. I'm in the room crying in to the nurse. Then Dr Joseph Mirakhor comes in and begins his examination but stops abruptly and says he will be right back. After a few minutes not only does he not come back, but some lady who never introduced herself tells me that since I do not have insurance I will have to pay $250 in order to be seen. I am a single mom and a military veteran in SEVERE pain. The pain is so bad I'd rather give birth a 4th time. Nothing at this point is helping.... I need relief and sleep and all your hospital and Dr is worried about is $$$. Dr. Mirakhor, why did you become a doctor? To ACTUALLY help people or for the paycheck?? Because it seems all you see are $$$. What a joke to the profession. You can bet I will be contacting an attorney about filing a lawsuit against the hospital and Dr. Mirakhor after seeing my regular physician. This could have been handled at registration instead of immediately after beginning the examination. It was rude and extremely unprofessional. (in the last week)

I’d put 0 stars if I could we had a baby right after hurricane Harvey which we expected certain inconveniences due to the displaced employees but what we got was far worse. First of all we never got the same answer as to why our baby had to stay in the NICU we were told different reasons and when testing cleared those reasons they came up with new ones and when those cleared they went back to the old reasons which were cleared a day or 2 before. This led us and other parents to believe we were their attempt to recoup money lost over Harvey. To save the reader’s time I will list some of the nightmares that occurred. When they admitted our baby the nurse pointed at me and told another nurse “get him out of here” with no explanation. The nurse who escorted me out was from out of town helping as relief and she was very disgusted with the treatment I received. NICU has limited hours and clears the floor of all parents when admitting a new baby which robbed us of time with our baby. One nurse HUNG up on us after treating me like an idiot for asking what time we could see our baby since the floor was closed to admit another baby. One nurse mocked us for looking at the monitors to see which one of his leads had fallen off and said “stop looking at the monitors you won’t have those at home! Are his lips blue? Then he is fine!” There’s more but this is already long enough suffice it to say we will not have another baby here. Often asking a question we felt like we were a burden to them and they were annoyed that we would ask. With that said we did have 2 nurses that were great to deal with and the lady who dealt with us in the finance office was great! (a month ago)

I don't know why people talk trash on this place. Every time I went it has been a quick in and out and I feel great. To top it off they even give me a sucker on my way out. If you get a chance visit the top floor. It's a hoot! (4 months ago)

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