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URBANA, IL 61801

Based in Urbana, Ill., The Carle Foundation is the not-for-profit parent company of an integrated network of healthcare services. At its core are Carle Foundation ...

The Carle Foundation Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Champaign County, IL.

The Carle Foundation Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

The Carle Foundation Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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ER visit with my daughter in late January. While the ER is always slow, since there are sometimes more pressing emergencies that understandably take precedence, the staff and doctors were very caring and professional. Our nurse was great. My daughter had to have a procedure performed there in the ER by the specialist and, again, everything worked well. I appreciated the hard-working folks showing compassion to us during a trying time. (2 months ago)

This nurse larea told me they're having complications with my wheelchair and that I should just walk. And when she put the gauze over where my IV was, pressed down with her thumb very hard and for a lot longer than needed. I felt like more of a burden. I sincerely hope someone sees this and does something about it. These nurses were pathetic. Did not feel cared for at all. Get it together!!! (3 weeks ago)

Had to have an emergency c-section there and my son is still there in the NICU - I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff. The doctors and nurses were an absolute blessing. They have been very kind and patient with us, helping us understand and giving us the tools we need to manage this situation. (in the last week)


I've gone to Carle for the last 32 years - until now. In the 80s & 90s they were the best place to go for medical care. I had my first child there, my mother's life was saved there after a severe wreck - I even worked for them for 10 years. They've been a huge part of my life. Sadly, things have gone downhill and they are out of control. It's impossible to get in to your own doctor. They will always say that it's a 3-6-9 month wait but we can get you into a new guy with no experience. Their billing is constantly messed up - I was getting revised bills for a miscarriage for literally 7 months after it was paid in full. When I had the miscarriage they shifted me around to three different doctors during the one appointment and did very little to prepare me for what I was about to actually experience. My PCP of 25 years left and I was not notified until I tried to get in to see my nurse practitioner whom I always visited and was told I could no longer see her (after her taking care of me for literally 25 years) because she was connected to my PCP who retired without notification to me - I would have to choose a new doctor and see HIS nurse practitioner. Most recently, I was on hold 16 minutes just to try to make an appointment. I wanted to first confirm they would take my new insurance, as it had changed. She said she had no idea, I would have to check with the insurance company. I said the insurance company said to confirm with my doctor, and she said she could transfer me to the billing department if I wanted (which I declined, not wanting another 20 minute wait). I tried to make an appointment with my doctor who had helped me through some serious issues, whom I really like and trust (Dillard) - I wanted an annual wellness visit and to ask about some issues I'm having. I was told since this doctor hadn't performed my wellness exams in the past (since they always tell me she's not available, I usually let a nurse do the routine things!) I could not go to her for this, as she's not accepting new annual exam patients, but I could schedule an appointment with her for the issues I'm having and schedule an appointment with a different provider for an annual exam. I confirmed that I was hearing correctly, that I couldn't visit my doctor for the annual exam (which takes 10 minutes?!) and ask her some questions at the same time - I would have to schedule, and, more importantly, pay for, 2 separate appointments. It is extremely sad to me that I can no longer deal with Carle and their practices to be able to see Dr. Dillard, who is a wonderful physician. I'll have to start from scratch at another facility and hope they transfer my records correctly. :( (4 months ago)

I recently had cataract surgery with Dr R Wang. From my preop appointment all the way thru actual surgery everyone that anyone had contact with me were all very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. From PSR'S , CMA'S, and RN'S and surgical staff and of course Dr Wang I was very impressed with the customer service. I highly recommend Carle for Health Care. Thank you! (2 weeks ago)

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