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Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman is 91-bed hospital offering a wide range of medical services.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Kaufman County, TX.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Horrible ER experience with Dr. Maynard and staff. I checked in a little after noon yesterday and was asked to leave at 8:43pm. Went in with chief complaint being extreme swelling and pain in feet, ankles, & legs also shortness of breath. Triage RN did an EKG and have to the Dr. When I was finally called back around 3 they wanted to do an EKG per Dr request. The nurse was preparing the machine and said have you already had an EKG. I said yes at triage. She said the Dr ordered it. The Dr came in with two other males that were training and asked what was going on. I told him exactly what I said in triage. He felt my lower legs and said swelling worse on my right side. He said he was ordering quite a bit of tests to rule out anything serious. I had bloodwork in which the nurse laughed and said he ordered a pregnancy test. I said I told the Dr about my hysterectomy and that's when all of my health problems started unnecessary ordered test. I then went for a sonogram and a CT scan. Run as many tests as possible medical will pay! I was in severe pain which was repeatedly ignored by two nurse's and Dr. Maynard. He came in to tell me the tests showed no blood clot in leg or lungs and nothing in my heart, kidneys, liver or any important organs. When asked about the swelling, pain, & numbness he said it could be a number of things but not an emergency issue. Could be neuropathy or auto immune. He NEVER took my socks off to see the swelliing. Suggested elevating my feet, Epsom salts, not to drink too much water and compression socks. I informed him I tried all of the above including a diuretic. I said I haven't tried the socks but I will. Needless to say I was upset after the long wait, neglect, unnecessary tests, and lack of care. Asked to speak to the ER coordinator. In the meantime a new female nurse came in to give me My "reflux cocktail" I said no thank you I need my discharge papers and to speak with the Dr. She said he's writing up your papers now but will not speak to you again. The house nurse came in with Dr. Maynard. I explained why I was upset mainly because the swelling and pain in my feet were never addressed. That the Dr never even looked at my feet. I had to get shoes a size too big the swelling Was so bad. I asked for the Dr's license information and the head nurse refused. I asked for my discharge paperwork and I would be leaving. He refused to give me papers and I was told by two employees to leave the ER and they were calling the police. I got my things to leave and was sent out with the IV port still in my left arm. This has got to be illegal, neglect, or malpractice of some kind. Will find out how to address since I've tried calling the hospital all morning with nothing but voice mail. (a month ago)

Had 2 great experiences here with birth of my first 2 children. Nurses were able to help with pain management successfully by scheduling Motrin with the hydrocodone together, this is much more effective then separating them! Nurses helped walk me to restroom after a few hours of leaving catheter in so I could rest and came back to check on me often. Is it just me or does anyone else feel that that morphine drip barely works...I think I kept pressing it over and over and over, lol, once they started the hydrocodone the pain was a a lot less. Very friendly staff including those learning. Only complaint I have is that when I had my first baby I didn't have labor pains just steady back pain. Was offered the epidural but not explained to that it would significantly slow down dilation, otherwise I would have refused if I had known I would need a c section later and then for every child thereafter! Hind sight can be a bummer. I didn't realize also that with a first baby labor can be up to 24 hours. I was only given 9 once they broke my water for me after the epidural..... Felt it was a bit of a rush to judgement for a doctor that had to be called in to hospital and didn't want to keep coming back to the hospital. (As per them rushing along a procedure, with a shot to try to get things moving and water breakage, that they ceased early on with an epidural.) Obviously things worked out though. (a month ago)

We have choices. This is turning out to be a bad one. It really didn’t seem to matter to the staff here that we have choices. Came here because it was close and we thought we had an emergency. Would have been better off taking our business to Forney or Mesquite. Didn’t think to read the reviews prior to coming, but if we had, we would have kept driving. This ER is famous for their poor customer service, and very long wait times. This is bad business for any business. Got us by the short hairs, don’t they. THR Kaufman, please don’t reply with the same “canned” response as I’ve seen on all the other negative reviews. You don’t need to call me. But, if you want to refund our money, that would be fine. That’s what most businesses do when they preform poorly, appreciate the business, and want returning customers. But maybe your inconsiderate, slow, and careless staff doesn’t need the repeat business. Poor choice on our part.... lesson learned. (3 months ago)

This is a great hospital and emergency room. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful hospital so close to home. (3 months ago)

Lots of friendly, knowledgeable staff here. They have answers for any of your questions. (a month ago)

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