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Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest Fort Worth has been serving residents of Tarrant County and surrounding areas since 1987.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest F is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tarrant County, TX.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest F does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Southwest F is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Very recently I and my family unexpectedly lost my brother. Before he passed, he was in ICU for several days. The staff was so very kind, understanding and sympathetic of our heartache. I have never before experienced such kindness from the medical profession. They made a very difficult and heartbreaking situation more bearable and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. God bless them, every one. (a week ago)

The nurses doctors and techs are great. One doctor was lacking in bedside manner but...oh well. The emergency room was fast and efficient and all of the food was excellent. We only had one problem and that was the care transition manager on the 5th floor..TB. She announced that my dad was denied transfer to the long term acute care facility by the insurance company. Upon calling the insurance company I was told that my dad's case had just been turned in to the appropriate doctor for consideration and no determination had been made. After finding out that I had talked to the insurance company she continued to lie and throw blame on everyone else. She would not speak to us from that point on. She sent nurses to the room with messages for us. Excellent bedside manner! I feel like we are being encouraged to 90 year old dad out of "there" hospital and take him home. According to one doctor hospice can provide a peaceful end of life. (2 months ago)

My mother has water in her lung and cannot breath. We took her to the ICU, and they did not try to treat her but told us the best thing for my mother is not to prolong her life and suggested to pull her tube. This advise came from the head doctor of the hospital, her name is Dr.Anna. This is like murder because my mother's brain still work perfectly. We took her to Baylor hospital and she's still alive now. Please do not go to this hospital if you want your love ones to live. (2 months ago)

My mother had serious surgery April 3rd and the recovery room during the day was fine. It was the night shift people in recovery who were complete A-holes! Later that night I stopped by recovery to see if they could validate my parking ticket as I drove 4 hours from out of town for her surgery so I didn’t know they don’t validate at night. I waited for these guys to open the big doors to recovery and stood on the yellow lines with my son, only for a dr or whoever to yell at me and my son like we were stupid, to move away from the door he yelled three times I yelled back we are away from the doors, he opened them and I asked if they could validate the ticket he said we don’t validate ever, I told him that’s odd cause the nurses told me you do, he argued with me and rolled his eyes, as my son and I were walking out my son was in front of me we walk out the big doors the guy pushes a button and my son tries his best not to get hit by the doors and nearly falls the door almost hits me and I run out to try and catch my son, the guys just make a smart remark, I’m angry at this point and say thanks a bunch A-holes for nearly hitting us with the doors and slamming them on us, we wait by the elevators in the hallway and one of the guys who yelled at us tells me “yeah you better move out the way or the doors will hit you next time”. I think it would even be on camera with them closing the doors on us and my son getting his arms hit by the door... shame on this hospital to have such a rude staff!!! (a week ago)

My mother took my grandfather (her father) to Harris SW yesterday around 5am 4/2/18. She took him in because he was complaining of a severe headache, constipation, and stomach pains. He said he just didn't feel right. They took him back and in the 6hrs they were there all they did was give him morphine for his headache, 2 pills for nausea, an oxygen treatment and sent him home with more pills. Told my mom he probably had COPD due to his low oxygen levels. They did no CT scans of his head, no labs NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Now he's at Harris Downtown where they did a CT scan to find out he had a bruise on his brain that's bleeding and possibly had a light stroke! You guys at Harris SW are USELESS! I am disgusted that you guys did absolutely NOTHING but supply him with more medications instead of doing your job and making sure every situation was ruled out! Now they will probably transfer him to ICU at Harris Downtown because of your lack of knowledge! The Dr's and nurses there in the ER should be ashamed of themselves and anyone thinking about taking your family member there for treatment should really think twice about it. Thank God for the adequate Dr's and Nurses at Harris Downtown for having to do what their counterparts refused to do. (a month ago)

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