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Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle has been serving Azle, Lake Worth, Springtown and the rest of Northwest Tarrant County since 1954.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tarrant County, TX.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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I took a friend there due to advice from the VA clinic and the doctor was busy and stressed and very rude.... not taking consideration of the horrible day he's had. Spent most of the time waiting when all he needed was an IV with certain medication that the VA doctor suggested... almost after 4 hours we left without the required treatment. (in the last week)

I am not one to bash other establishments, but you can only give this dump so many chances. I would not have come here tonight if I thought we would have made it downtown. Come on people, if you hate your job that bad....find one you do like! People put there lives in your hands only to be treated like trash. It is very sad. (a week ago)

I sat in a room for 4 hours waiting for results from urine and blood work and never got results. In the 4 hours that I was there the nurse gave me pain meds and the doctor came in for the initial exam then I was left to sit and wait for no one to ever return. The ER was not busy and only had a myself and a couple other people needing to be seen. Nurses and other staff were in the hall joking and laughing about previous patients. Walked out not knowing what is wrong with me. If I wanted to sit somewhere and get no help I could have stayed home. I went to get help and got put in a room and forgotten about. (2 months ago)

Haven't been back since my elbow was damaged. My whole arm was swollen, and not so much as antibiotics we're offered. I was told by the Dr there the night before to return if things got worse.... They got much worse.. I even lost my job because I couldn't bend my arm anymore. I didn't ask for pain killer, but couldn't take the pain anymore, I finally asked and all I was given was a bag of ice. How do you expect me to wrap ice around a swollen arm? You don't. You dispense meds. The Dr wouldn't even give me Tylenol #3. It would have made me very Ill, but even that would have helped. I couldn't even drive home and they were asking me concerning questions about my car. The pastor said they were trying to tow it. Not everyone in Azle is a drugee. You have some very unprofessional,and rude staff. Even Kitty had more respect in left pinky. What has happened to this hospital? The hospital director repeadly said they wanted to speak with me. But never made the attempt to call me. Not I go to 24 hour emergency by McDonald's, or Baylor. Not everyone has my experience, but be on the lookout. (4 weeks ago)

In the past this ER was horrible. However, when I went last night I was in and out within an hour. The doctor was very nice and so were the nurses. (a month ago)

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