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Since 1930, Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth has provided medical services to Tarrant County, delivered with compassion and commitment.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Tarrant County, TX.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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My wife and I loved having our son -- now 10 days old -- at Harris Methodist Labor & Delivery. We had a difficult, high-risk pregnancy which had us in and out of Labor & Delivery and Maternal Observation many, many times, but we were never made to feel anything less than completely welcome. The nurses in L&D and the NICU were all top notch, and the doctors were among the best we've ever met. Furthermore, the hospital's attention to the needs of a breastfeeding mother were exemplary, and far superior to another hospital where our daughter was born. Believe it or not, not all hospitals are created equal, and the hospital you choose matters. I highly recommend you choose Harris Methodist. (a month ago)

I have had the most amazing experience with this hospital. I was sent here for consultation with specialist and needed up getting admitted to the antepardum floor at 35 w 3d to be monitored for low fluid. The care I received was above and beyond anything I could ever imagine! I would defiantly choose this hospital for care again if I lived in the area. The nurses that cared for me were defiantly in the right field of work! (in the last week)

This hospital is amazing! I came in due to having severe migraines.. I was instant brought back to triage and had a room in 15 minutes! Nurse instantly came in and did a very magnificent job! He was friendly and thoughtful of me. The doctor was very knowledgeable, very caring and very concerned for me. The registration lady brought me some water and did great to! I was outta here in an hour and a half. This hospital is worth the drive!!!! It's just great to have positive health care professionals especially with piles of people constantly in the hospital 😊 (3 months ago)

I delivered my son here in October of 2017. I was very excited to deliver here because I was under the impression this was the best hospital to deliver at. That wasn’t the case for my family and I. I was induced and the admitting nurses on the labor and delivery floor were good. They were sweet and had very thorough communication. I ended up needing a c-section because of the size of my baby, non-emergency. My anesthesiologist was great! Steve was his name I believe. He was so, so friendly. The assisting surgeon and nurses in the OR were amazing! They let my mother come in the room, along with my husband, to see the birth of her first grandchild. They even took pictures for us, it was great. My terrible time with this hospital begins in recovery. For whatever reason, the questions you answer on patient history after being admitted, “do you drink? Smoke? Drugs?” Etc, were put into the system INCORRECTLY. My file reflected that I drank daily throughout my pregnancy and smoked marijuana. WRONG and WRONG. I had an incredibly healthy pregnancy, zero complications! And birthed a 10lb 1oz, 22inch healthy, beautiful baby. This led to my recovery nurses to be incredibly cold to me when we first went upstairs! It was late at night, and they came in the room saying they were taking a stool sample from my son. Did not explain why, did not give us a chance to ask anything. They immediately went over to my son, unswaddled him, and took his diaper away. They were so incredibly rude, I felt like I had done something wrong. Not a good feeling for a first time mom, a few hours after delivery! Being first time parents, neither my husband nor myself had enough courage to stand up to the nurses and ask what they were doing, we just figured it was normal protocol. It was not until the next day that I found out about the incorrect information on my file, when a different nurse brought it up. I told her none of it was true. She said she would fix it. It was never fixed the entire time we were there! As far as the recovery nurses go, there was maybe 1 nurse in my four days that we liked. This is supposed to be the best hospital for moms wanting to breastfeed: that was not my experience. I received mixed information from each nurse about the best positions to hold my son, how best to get him to latch, etc. One nurse brought me a breast shield to feed my son with-THIS WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. He was not able to latch naturally from the moment I did this. After talking to the lactation consultant she told me that was absolutely not necessary. IF YOU WISH TO BREASTFEED-LISTEN TO THE LACTATION CONSULTANT, NOT THE NURSES. MY WISH TO BREASTFEED WAS DESTROYED BY THIS HOSPITAL. I was crying to get out of this place. I wanted to leave so bad. Pain management here was terrible, bedside manner was horrible, I wanted to take my family home! I wish I would have discussed my experience at that time with the director of the hospital, my only focus at that time was getting my family home. I will not be delivering at this hospital in the future. (a month ago)

I am so hurt, shocked, and depressed over what my aunt & family are experiencing at Harris Downtown right now! My aunt who is the ROCK of our lives came in with very a complicated illness. We have encountered a few nice nurses but some of the nurses and EVEN DOCTORS are VERY CARELESS, ROLLING EYES, & BRUSHING US OFF WHEN OUR FAMILY HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MACHINES GOING OFF AND ANY UPDATES ON MY AUNT. But these nurses act like we should know- we are not in the medical field and do not understand the machines or what to expect next. We basically have to beg AND I DO MEAN BEG to try and get an understanding for the plan of action for my aunt. This is so hard to go through, and the staff at this hospital become so numb to their patients that they are insensitive to the challenges each patient may have overcome, and to the families. The most depressing part is my aunt could die... GOD FORBID! BUT her time spent at the hospital should be as pleasent, as comfortable, and she should feel like she has a team of medical professionals rooting for her. I have asked several times.. HOW DO I SPEAK TO SOME KIND OF CHARGE NURSE OR FILE A FORMAL WRITTEN COMPLAINT and they continue to tell me there is no procedure for filing a written complaint.. so when you have doctors and nurses representing a hospital.. WHO DO THEY REPORT TO???? NOONE WILL TELL US.. In all honesty.. I just want to ride behavior to stop. I just want my aunt to get to quality care. A doctor walked in the room and to spare all the rude and disrespectful details told my aunt that her he was going to go against her wishes and do what he felt was the easy way out and if she declined she would die!!!!!!!!!! Who says that to someone???? There is a way to let patients know their options without being careless towards their situation or feelings.... If there were a way I could stay at the hospital 24/7 I would. DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES HERE... please go to another hospital. (a month ago)

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