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MARTIN, TN 38237

Tennova Healthcare - Volunteer Martin is your community healthcare provider; a 100-bed facility offering inpatient and outpatient care, emergency service, heart care ...

Tennova Healthcare-Volunteer Martin is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Weakley County, TN.

Tennova Healthcare-Volunteer Martin does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tennova Healthcare-Volunteer Martin is a proprietary hospital.

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I had to go in for a kidney stone and was in SEVERE pain and staff was very rude. The doctor came into the room for less than 1 minute. She asked how I was feeling and then simply said, "Next time I guess you will have insurance because this is going to be very expensive."!!!!!! That's it!!! This hospital is very unprofessional and hateful. I have had other traumatic experiences here I don't feel comfortable talking about and I've heard NOTHING but equally horrific stories from people o know! I DO NOT recommend! (a week ago)

As I read these reviews I find that most have no clue what the staff of "this" hospital deals with daily. I was a patient of Martin hospital last year. Original diagnoses was diverticulitis, which was discovered by the woman's clinic (originally I thought I had a cyst on my overies). I was sent immediately to hospital for a CT with contrast where they not only discovered my diverticulitis, but they also found my cancer. Thanks to quick thinking and rapid diagnosis, my cancer was found early and I'm 100% cancer free. Im sorry that others have not had a wonderful experience there at Martin, but no complaints here. Hospital, women's clinic and all staff were VERY professional, caring and above all devoted to my issues and well being. (On a personal note being apart of the health care world...before handing down a negative review for any healthcare facility, you should research the hospital and what is going on daily behind the scenes. Healthcare and healthcare facilities are working with less staff, less equipment and less pay for double the work. Patient load should be no more than 5 patients per nurse and I have seen and heard up to15 patients per nurse. That is unacceptable! There is no way that one nurse can physically undertake proper patient care with that amount of patients. Healthcare is a area I feel doesn't need to have any cuts. As much as each individual pays for insurance there should be no excuse in this! Also many patients are repeat customers looking for their next "fix" and this takes away from those patients that are truly sick. Hospitals are not your drug supplier and nurses are not your waiters or waitresses. They have a college degree and have passed very hard state boards. I have always said those people who are complaining as to why they don't make money like those in the medical field, you can. Thanks to the Governor here in Tennessee he has made going back to school affordable for all high school and adult learners. IT'S FREE! Go through the rigorous college courses and become nurses and doctors. Help fill in these job vacancies and help improve the medical field by your knowledge. Stop complaining! Start helping!) (2 months ago)

My gf just went there with very bad pain she's dilated to a 4 and is 49 weeks and 4 days pregnant all they did was send her home... I advise anyone who wants to go here DON'T!!!!!! (5 months ago)

I have been to this hospital several times and have never had a problem. The staff is always friendly and the doctors listen better there than at my current PCP/PA does at their office. (9 months ago)

It's sad when a doctor will not test you for anything when you are doubled over in pain and is completely rude to you. Definitely have to find another place my insurance will take around here with better staff. (8 months ago)

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