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Tennova Healthcare-Regional Jackson is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Madison County, TN.

Tennova Healthcare-Regional Jackson does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tennova Healthcare-Regional Jackson is a proprietary hospital.

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I wish u could use negative numbers. The Er was the worst I've ever been in. The dr came in yelling at me and just bein a real jerk. I have major heart issues and all my numbers were off and he was pissed bcuz he was going to have to admit me. But accusing me of being a junkie although pee test came back clean. So he gave me Tylenol for chest pain. I had never been to this hospital nor will I go back ever again. I've never been treated so terribly. To say the least I left and ended up having a heart attack later that night as I knew that was going to happen and I told them something was wrong stay away from this er if possible. (in the last week)

I've never had a bad experience with this hospital. They take care of me and my family promptly and with great attitude. They also have really great Roast and cornbread if you have to stay a bit. (3 months ago)

I came here one night into the emergency room, and I had one of the most caring nurses. The doctor was great too, and the MRI technicians were very nice as well. (2 months ago)

I went to Tennova emergency room and I was told I was dehydrated and given about half a bag of fluid and sent home, soon after I received a bill for the physician that treated me for 2002.79 after my insurance payment. I have good insurance through Aetna and can not believe that the Hub City Emergency Physicians are changing the excessive amount of 2002.79 for some walking in the room and saying you are dehydrated, then never seeing the man again. That cost me around 667.65 a word, no doctor is worth that. They advertise no wait in there emergency room, but they fail to tell you how rude the staff their are or how poor the care is you receive. Oh yeah you can make arrangements to pay your hospital bill, pay them on time and still have your account turned over to a collection agency. All this facility cares about is the money sad isn't it. If you want quality care maybe you should try some place else. (4 months ago)

Had to bring my daughter back here to have fluid drained again from around her heart..They really wasn't concerned about the fluid..She had pneumonia so that's what they treated...Now yes they did drain it when she arrived. Did they check a week later to see if fluid had come back before sending her home? No they didn't..These nasty nurses really hate to wear gloves and it's mind blowing to me...The air ducts are filthy and this place should be closed for good..No wonder the doctors walking out..They know it's the worst place to be...We need a team that listens to the patient and family..Not someone who just because they have a title, they can over talk you or what you say about your family is swept away...Dr. Ally talked this GREAT talk about how she and others were going to find out what was going on with my child and help her but in the end it was just a GREAT talk... (9 months ago)

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