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Tennova Healthcare-Lafollett Medical Center is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Campbell County, TN.

Tennova Healthcare-Lafollett Medical Center does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tennova Healthcare-Lafollett Medical Center is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

Hospital Hours

Monday 700 AM – 500 PM
Tuesday 700 AM – 500 PM
Wednesday 700 AM – 500 PM
Thursday 700 AM – 500 PM
Friday 800 AM – 430 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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Last night my 1 year old was trying to cough and couldn't and ended up puking so we decided to take her to Tenova instead of waiting for today. In case it snowed. She had a diaper rash that she has had for 2 weeks (already seen the doctor over), diarrhea, a horrible cough, puking, and was very lethargic and slept all day that day. We get there and they brought her straight back. I hadn't even finished signing stuff when they were ready for her. So we didn't even have to wait in the waiting room. The nurses were amazing and one even prayed with us. The doctor, however; was so rude. He interrupted me when I was explaining stuff and kept saying I should have just went to my doctor. Being a doctor, especially at an ER your job is also to reassure parents. Not make them feel like your stupid for coming. He kept repeating it also. She has signs of an ear infection and he didn't even take the time to check it. We saw him only long enough for him to say my daughter will end up with the flu from coming and saying I should of waited. That's it. He didn't examine her AT ALL. The nurses done the tests. They were amazing and very helpful. But Dr. Stanley Swindell should not be working with parents. He ignored every word I said and wouldn't listen when I explained what the ointment my daughters doctor prescribed was. I was trying to explain that it was a mixture of a few different medicines to fight yeast. He prescribed a new ointment for yeast and that was it. That wasn't even my concern. Also with our discharge papers he didn't even put her cough as a symptom of why we came in. Only a stuffy nose. (6 months ago)

We live in Arizona, we were passing through Knoxville when my wife needed to go to the ER. This Hospital here in LaFollette was recommended to me by the manager of the Pilot truck stop. So glad we came here. My wife has been treated like she is family. They don't miss anything. And her surgeon Dr George O'Neal Vinsant. If I started talking until my last breath I couldn't say enough good things about him. And these nurses are the hardest working nurses I have ever seen and I have been in a few Hospitals around the country in the last 40 years. (6 months ago)

I do my testing at Tennova and have always been treated with respect and never noticed anyone being mistreated. I've been to the emergency room two times and received excellent care. The health care providers at Temnova have always been caring and efficient with me personally. Tennova employees many in our community who truly care about our health and wellbeing and we are fortunate to have a hospital in our area. (a year ago)

This place is the most pathetic excuse of a hospital. I brought my wife here when she was had a really bad stomach virus. We were not told this during our visit to this establishment. We didn't find that out until we went to another hospital in the area. When we were brought back to the room here, the doctor that we met with asked us at least 8 or 9 times if my wife was on any sort of drugs. We are both working citizens and not a bunch of junkies trying to get pain medication. If they had asked us once and moved on i wouldn't be writing this today. They asked over and over again as if they didn't believe us. They said they wouldn't treat her until after she did a drug test. Again, i would have been fine with that had they made her do it right away. But they didn't, they proceeded to come in and out of the room over and over again. Wasting time while she is sitting there in pain. I truly am disgusted with this place. I do not recommend them to anyone. (a year ago)

I severely lacerated my right thumb (long story) in June 2015. I knew that it required stitches and drove to the emergency room in Lafollette. Upon checking in my insurance card was taken and they informed me that my deductible was $125.00. I had only grabbed my insurance card and drivers license. I did not choose to go all the way out to my truck and back and I generally carry at least $200 on me at all times. Because of a few stops I only had $120 on me. I asked if they would just bill me for the $5. The lady told me that she would have them discount it to the $120. At the time it sounded like a great deal. Now fast forward to August of 2016. I receive a bill from a collection agency for $124 (note this figure for future reference). I asked for a copy of the bill. I waited and it did not arrive) my next correspondence was just another bill. I had to make several phone calls and talk to various people. The bottom line was that I was going to have to pay this or the collection agency would handle it and that would trash my credit. Caught between a rock and a hard place. It has now been paid (again). Now here is the real rub. When I talked to the billing department they admit that there is a notation in the records that I was billed $125 and that they received $120 and something about a discount. I was told that no credit to my account was made that day and that they could not find any account that this money had been applied. I do not appreciate being bilked out of $120. The four dollars I figure that I would have owed (had it not been discounted). Another aspect which I found odd was that I was being billed for $124. I questioned how that dollar was paid and when was the payment posted. They had no response for that question. I do not remember the person that I dealt with when i checked in. However, I am positive that she would not have made those notations just for laughs. Your actions to make me pay for your lack of good accounting practices is unacceptable. It is going to cost you far more than that. You see, because of a bad thyroid I go to the clinic every 90 days for blood work and a doctor visit. Between my co-pay and what my insurance pays you guys rake in about $500 and you only spend 15 minutes of your time for the visit. Now if you think that I will continue doing business with you then you need to think again. I have already signed the papers to have my files transferred. The reality is that it is more the principle rather than the $120. That is merely an inconvenience, I have a decent income. You may rest assured that I shall tell everyone I talk to about this little game you have played. But the speaking of games lets get to another of the games you play that is designed to take advantage of people. For as Long as I have done business with you I have received bills that were accounting errors. Your staff failed to apply the discount that is provided to insurance companies. In my case I call in and have them straighten things out and there were times it took more than one call. After the current incident I can't help but wonder how much money you take in because an older less cognizant individual trusts your professional aptitude and honesty that go ahead and pay the bill thinking it must be owed. You have gotten yourselves $120 of my money. You will not get another dime. $500 every three months for a year that's $2000. Ordinary visits for Allergies and any injuries would add slightly more. This was a really stupid decision on someones part. The note in your paperwork clearly stated received $120. Your people lost or stole it. The woman who initially took the money is the only one that could not be responsible. Surely she would be astute enough not to put such a notation if she intended to pilfer the money. Whoever was ultimately responsible for this decision is an idiot. (a year ago)

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