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Temecula Valley Hospital provides medical treatments to residents of Temecula, California. Services include emergencies, cardiology, orthopedics and surgery.

Temecula Valley Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Riverside County, CA.

Temecula Valley Hospital does have an emergency room. They do not use electronic medical records.

Temecula Valley Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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Literally the worst hospital experience I have ever endured, which is scary since this place supposedly has the best ratings in comparison to surrounding facilities. I went in to the ER in pretty severe discomfort and pain, and immediately was met by the triage nurse with a "What can you possibly want" attitude. Once he saw how uncomfortable I was from the pain, he put me in a room where I was then met by the physician, who I will not name other than Dr. H, and bedside nurse. At first, Dr. H seemed to have some form of compassionate bedside manner. The bedside nurse then came in and administered Morphine without even telling me what he was doing. Good thing I'm not allergic or anything. After feeling that it was obviously more than just saline he put into my I.V., I asked what he administered and in a joking way said, "Oh, I thought you heard the other nurse, must have been her Minnie Mouse voice". To spare having to continue into all the other unprofessional snip-its that occurred, I will jump to what made me discharge myself from the hospital. Having told Dr. H that I had already had labs drawn at the hospital near my home up North, and with him telling me the exact same thing that the labs were normal, I requested to have a scan done of my abdomen for reassurance. Dr. H replied with complete unprofessional mannerisms and gesturing about how it's "Not his money" so he'll do the scan. It was by far the worst form of bedside manner I have ever encountered in any medical facility I have been in and would never recommend anyone utilizing this hospital, at least not the ER. (3 months ago)

I must say that in my review I cannot make a direct comparison with others hospitals in the area, this is the first time we needed medical help in this state. Anyways I hope this can be usefull to others. I moved from Boston not too long ago. All my kids always received the best service there. I knew here probably would not be the same. But the difference is brutal. Recently my wife was in the ER with my daughter who had the flu and was dehydrated, she couldn't even take medicine for days without throwing up... A lot of waiting between room and lobby ... One x-ray to check for pneumonia and after that all they did was to give her a bottle of water. No attention or care with patients. The staff was just socializing and chatting. My wife could not believe that after all the waiting my daughter was not even seen by a doctor! First and last time for me. I hope that this place does not represent the average service in California Really disappointed. (4 months ago)

I was disappointed at the lack of ability to provide language services for my husband and nephew. My nephew went in for appendicitis, he was scared and in a lot of pain. They were "unable to get someone who spoke Spanish" to ensure they were properly informed of what was going on with my nephew. I hope you look into providing these language services in the near future. (4 weeks ago)

I've never been to a hospital full of more pleasant people. Everyone from the first security guard to the orderly to the nurse. All super nice, plus the facilities are super nice and modern. It was great. (2 months ago)

Joey she claims her name to be Joey On the fifth floor Our family member Michelle was in this hospital for over a week “Britney was fabulous She really cares “ Joey is so rude she hung up on us The Doctor for Michelle , he never once returned to the families phone calls He forgot to call In Michelle Anabiotics that she so desperately needs . Joey did not want to help and hung up on us today At 6:55pm 6/30/18. Joey was on staff last night as well and was extremely rude to us. When we asked why did you release Michele with an infection and a fever and she sweating terribly And the anabiotic is still not called in She told us in a very condescending way just take her back to the emergency room and hung up last night. And we just had the same experience with her today I can’t believe you’re in there taking care of patients “God help anyone’s parent or loved one dealing with you Joey “ (2 weeks ago)

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