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Tanner Health System is one of Georgia's largest health and medical systems, specializing in 35 medical specialties, ... Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton;

Tanner Medical Center - Carrollton is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Carroll County, GA.

Tanner Medical Center - Carrollton does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tanner Medical Center - Carrollton is a government - hospital district or authority hospital.

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I will start off by saying that some of the doctors and nurses are genuinely wonderful people, and God bless them. May nothing but happiness come their way. The issue with what I just said is that "some" of the employees are great. Many of them could care less, and it makes me wonder why they're working in the medical field... money, I guess? Or maybe they like having power over sick and weak people. One of the worst things about Tanner is Steve Adams, who is a board member. He also owns West Georgia ambulance, which has a terribly disturbing reputation in the community. For example, several weeks ago an elderly woman at my church had a heart attack. An ambulance never came, and when we called and requested a different ambulance service we were told no. Why? Because Steve Adams owns the local 911 dispatch service. I'm not kidding, he OWNS the Carroll County 911 dispatch center. That's why West Georgia ambulance may OR MAY NOT show up when you need help. And they might treat you like an old piece of furniture being thrown away. I don't see how he is allowed to own an ambulance service, the local 911 dispatch center, and be a board member at Tanner. He must have a lot of people paid off, blackmailed, or genuinely scared for their well-being. On a more personal note, I had a social worker who claimed to be friends with him fall asleep on my terminally ill uncle's couch. Twice. We were never even told why she was sent to his home, and she herself said that it wasn't my right to know. Even the hospice nurses were confused and didn't like her one bit. I remember two of them rejoicing when the lady was relocated to another hospital. Anyone who seems to be in Steve Adams' social circle is a blatantly selfish, callous, and spoiled monster who has probably manipulated people and relied on nepotism to get to where they are. There's a lot wrong with upper management, but I can only imagine that things would vastly improve with Steve Adams being the first gone. But as long as he has money and keeps people scared that won't happen. (2 months ago)

I'm a quadriplegic that had to go in for stomach issues. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Tom came by to talk to me every day, which was awesome. The food was very good for hospital food. I saw a doctor every day to keep me updated. What more can I say? I wish they would have had accessible things such as a way for me to call for help. Overall great stay. Thanks Robin for going the extra mile! (5 months ago)

If you can spare it, travel somewhere else. The doctors are ridiculously rude and the nurses seem disinterested 8/10 times. The doctor that did my baby brother's facial stitches after a car accident was just MEAN. I had to leave the room before we got into it. Not to mention they are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive and for What? I had pleurisy and I waited 9 hours only to be told "there's nothing we can do" and was sent home with thousands of dollars in bills. They have also mis-billed my insurance twice. I won't go back if I can help it. (a month ago)

We’re here at the emergency room and the RN Lee Ann P is very rude. There was no greeting and she looked as though she hated working. I understand that it’s midnight but when my husband is having chest pains you need to at least act like you care. (a month ago)

It was awful I have C.O.P.D and was talked to like I was stupid. The Dr was rude and really didn't care acted like I was an inconvenience. He only came back in the room and said we thought you had a blood clot in your lung but we couldn't find it. He gave me some refills a on my meds and told me I could leave. I left in tears. I will never go back there. Shame on you Tanner Medical center (a month ago)

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