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6001 WEBB RD, TAMPA, FL 33615
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6001 WEBB RD
TAMPA, FL 33615

A full service hospital in Tampa that provides specialized care in cardiac services, surgical services and behavioral health services.

Tampa Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Hillsborough County, FL.

Tampa Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tampa Community Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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BUYER BEWARE- The ER billing dept at this facility is very shady. I came in with shortness of breath and and dizziness. While I was still symptomatic, and not in best state of mind, a member of the billing dept came in with a computer and proceeded to tell me that my visit was subject to a deductible based on Florida Blue insurance I have. She then attempted to collect from me upfront the REMAINING BALANCE ON MY DEDUCTIBLE (almost $2000!!! for an ER visit). She stated that if I paid upfront they would give a 20% discount. Sounds enticing to a person not in the best state of mind, but upon contacting my insurance company, I determined that in fact they SHOULD be sending the bill directly to Florida Blue, who then pays them and bills me based on my deductible and policy, as well as any discounts they have with that provider. The problem with this for Tampa Community Hospital is that Florida Blue has negotiated discounted rates with their providers meaning they GET MORE MONEY if they go after the the patients directly, than if they go through their insurance. I'm not sure if their practice is legal (anything is possible in the wild west of medical billing), but at the very least it is dishonest and unethical. Had I paid, I probably would not have gotten credit toward my deductible and would have ended up potentially paying a lot more than I should. I am sure many patients have fallen for this trick and paid hundreds if not thousands more than they should have. I was told by Florida Blue very emphatically to deflect any payment obligations to them and NOT TO PAY A DIME TO THIS HOSPITAL DIRECTLY. Medical care was sufficient, although even based on my relatively modest healthcare certification as a PCT, I noted several basic mistakes that were made by nursing staff (including almost never leaving me with the call button when they left the room- a big FAIL on any nursing test). I will not return to this hospital unless I am bleeding out. I did give 2 stars because I was at least seen quickly and the nursing staff were pleasant enough. One male nurse (forgot name but had long tied back hair) was particularly attentive and I hope he seeks a job at another facility soon. (a week ago)

OH MY GOSH! These nurses are beyond rude and unpleasant!!! Why go to school for this profession if you act like you hate your life. My sister is pregnant came in with excruciating pain and to begin when she got up to do a urine she was clearly having difficulty walking and the nurse DANIELLE was walking behind her close enough to breathe on her neck and did not help her walk .. the patient next to us needed some water and the lady said okay give me a few mins and never came back with water.. another nurse was talking to another patient like he was an idiot I could go on and on this place was like a zoo... as i speak a elderly patient is calling out for a nurse and none are coming to assist her bottom line this place IS RIDICULOUS... the front desk lady is beyond amazing!! She was so sweet and kind she has glasses so who ever reads this your front desk lady is the best part about this hospital (2 months ago)

I didnt even want to give this "Hospital" even 1 star. They where so rude. My Uncle went in bc he was having trouble breathing and his stomach was hard as a rock and he could barely stand. He tried to tell the nurse everything that was going on and they just told him they couldn't help him and basically told him to leave. Also they basically killed my grandmother!. Long story but let's just say if I could prove what happened I would sue faster then their head could spin. They would be begging for my good reviews by the time I was done with them. So basically in words this hospital sucks. I dont care for their " oh I'm so sorry" BS either. They can take their apologies and shove it. (a month ago)

It is clearly not your goal to satisfy everyone because you whoever you are you would be there to ensure all your rude RNs are treating people fairly also with having nearly 100% of 1 star reviews you clearly do not care to make a change. If I were running this hospital every single one of those rude nurses would be fired on the spot. The way i heard them speaking to the patients was unbearable I almost wanted to get up and ask her if she knows how rude she is to go into somebody little waiting area and scream wake up!!!! Should of got her name white lady with long brown hair kind of resembles a man was the rudest inconsiderate little thing there, talking to the little old Spanish guy like he was an idiot when he clearly doesn’t speak English and needs somebody that does ! He was in great pain explaining how he has been puking and diarrhea all day she had no sympathy and was plain out rude that was somebody’s grandpa she treated like a peasant . They all seem miserable with their lives so sad that this is the only hospital i have ever been to and experienced this awful visit. Hopefully you clean house soon . (2 months ago)

The ER doctor was incompetent. It's sad when I knew how to treat a blocked bowel and he didn't. Instead he chose to transfer to another hospital only to be discharged and sent home, costing more money than necessary. (2 months ago)

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