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Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare's mission is transforming care, advancing health, and improving lives.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Leon County, FL.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Wish I didn't have to put any stars! The incompetence of this hospital astounds me. My husband is an employee through a contract. He doesn't work their permanently, but has been assigned to this hospital for at least 8 months. Yet, the idiots doing the payroll can't get his paycheck correct! I don't know the excuse they gave other times, but this last time, they said it was a new payroll system. So... what was the problem every other time? So, these idiots only put 12 hours of pay on his check that was deposited in the bank when he actually worked 36 hours. When his check came in, the health ins payment also came out, leaving very little of the check in the bank for bills and necessities. We called them and let them know of their mistake, to which they responded with their BS excuse, and said the rest of the money would be in our bank the following day. I checked the bank the following day, and yes, more money is in the bank, with close to $300 missing. We looked at the new check stub and realized that the health insurance payment came out a second time from the same pay period. I called the insurance company and they said I had to contact payroll at this hospital to have it corrected. I then called the hospital payroll and they state that it isn't their problem! Like hell it isn't!!! They are the idiots who screwed up to begin with!!! So in short, they have morons working in the payroll office. With the way they are handle business, they may do a better job working at the local McDonald's flipping burgers. Can't wait till my husband gets a new assignment and leaves this pathetic excuse for a hospital behind for good! In the mean time, if this BS happens again, I will be contacting a lawyer and sue for the stress and aggravation they are putting a pregnant woman through. (2 months ago)

worst hospital experience ever in my life. my dad was a patient, I walked him outside in his wheelchair to get some fresh air. We saw an older lady struggling and offered her the wheelchair, I walked her in and take her to the front desk. She told them that she was having chest pain‘s and could not breath. They asked her to walk around and fill out some papers and she walked one direction and the man asked her to please walk the other way around for his own convenience. Mind you this lady could have been having a heart attak. (2 weeks ago)

The hospital is called “the morgue” for good reason. Stay away! Medications are forgotten and patients left unattended. The few good people are vastly outnumbered by idiots. (I am being kind) The building is dirty and unhygienic. The floor plans and signage are confusing. They over use traveling nurses who are either sadistic or do not care. Avoid at all costs unless you are going to the Woman’s Pavilion. I give the Woman’s Pavilion 5 stars! WP is excellent. Clean and well designed. Wonderful staff. The nurses and doctors are amazing. It feels like a completely different hospital. (2 months ago)

Let me begin by saying that I live within 1.6 miles of this place and after last night, I don't care if I'm having a heart attack, I would rather risk my life and travel the extra distance to go to another hospital than to ever come here again. I got to the ER around 1230am and left around 515am. I spent almost five hours in the ER, in very severe pain mind you, and the furthest I got was the chair at the front desk where they take your information. While sitting there in very intense pain, I witnessed a mother who was experiencing what she felt were miscarriage symptoms sit and wait for three hours before her and family got up and left. I also witnessed a lady who stated that she just had a seizure about an hour before she came to the ER sit and wait three and a half hours before she finally decided to leave. I'm not sure the guidelines of how they set their severity levels of seeing a patient but this certainly needs to change. You would think for a hospital who's basically right down the street from the state Capitol, this place would be on their A game at all times. Wishful thinking I guess. I wish I could give this place 0 stars but unfortunately, I had to settle with one. No matter what your medical emergency, please let this place be your last option. (a month ago)

Thanks to the great staff in the ER an ICU my father is with me! With their fast actions an great Doctors. He is still with us! I am so thankful for all the care he recived. This hospitol really makes a difference! (a month ago)

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