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News and Events. Suburban Only Hospital in the Region to Offer New, High-Tech CT Scanner The device allows for enhanced accuracy in screw placement and significantly ...

Suburban Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, MD.

Suburban Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Suburban Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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So I'm here and I'm not sure what I just witnessed. A Latina walks into the emergency room and doesn't speak any English. She says "speak Spanish please" and the male attendant just looks at her shakes his head as to say "no". The Latina looks around the waiting area to see if she sees any other patients who may be bilingual. Like, what!? I need answers because maybe I'm over thinking this situation. Update: I found this on their website.. Translation Services All patients have a right to have medical information about their care translated into a language they understand. Suburban Hospital provides translation services in any language via a specially designed phone interpretation service. The system allows a conversation to be translated by a certified medical interpreter via a three-way phone. The interpreter can identify the language needed for translation and provide the interpretation. For more information about the system, visitors or patients can ask any nurse on the patient care unit. (3 months ago)

I took my boyfriend to the ER department on a Saturday night. He had a bad case of hives. The nurse and PA definitely cared about him and both showed great bedside manner. The wait wasn't long, thank God. I also asked questions and they were so polite and kind. Wish the ER rooms were a little bigger. I kept feeling I was in the way when they needed to reach for the IV. One thing i didn't like is that I then noticed the cart in the room had blood on it!!!! I then got paranoid and just sat very still in that tiny ER room, lol. His situation was taken care of :) (a month ago)

This was one of the most unprofessional, disrespectful, and discriminating hospitals I have ever visited. I took my 5 year old here because he was having flu symptoms and a really high fever, they took us back to pediatrics, put the kid in front of us in a room, and asked us to sit in this waiting area. So I thought, “Okay, maybe they will just have us sit here until a room is ready.” I could not have been more incorrect. The nurse comes and triages him in the waiting area, swabs him to test for the flu. After a while I ask, “is there a room that we can get so he can lay down?” She told me he could lay on the bed in the waiting area.. the bed that had stains. No thank you. I asked her, “I thought this was a waiting area” and she said “It can be used as one.” What does that even mean? There was stains on the wall, stains on the door, stains on the bed thing. The doctor came and examined my son, and her coat was also very stained. There was some brown stuff on it, but obviously she’s a doctor and knows what she’s doing, right? Why would she expose my son to other diseases, right? I was wrong. After we spoke I asked the doctor too, if we were going to be moved to a room. She would not give me an answer. She said they were full. So I waited again. The nurse came back and said he tested positive for the flu, and gave him his first dose of medicine. The doctor at this point(she was standing in the hall area, I was standing up so I could see her) had realized there was stains on her and started rubbing it off with a wipe and gloves. She smiled and me and walked into a different room. At this point we’ve been here 2 hours... sitting in a waiting area. It’s ridiculous. A nurse went to go clean a room(the room the boy before us had been put into), and another nurse said, “Oh, I already cleaned that room.” So why are me and my son sitting out here in this dirty waiting area? Why have we not been moved into the obviously clean, empty room? The doctor comes back and let’s me know what I’ve already been told, that my son has the flu, gives me his prescription, and that’s it. So we spent over 3 hours in a WAITING area, are treated in a waiting area, and are completely ignored on all requests for a room. I have NEVER in my life been this disrespected. In the past, I have taken my son to other hospitals and NEVER have we been TREATED in a waiting area! We have always been told, “were working on getting you a room”. This hospital was dirty, disrespectful, and I did not feel at all like their priority was treating my son and helping him get better. I will never come here again and and I will make sure I report this to my insurance so they know they are discriminating against children who are on a state health program. (3 months ago)

This is the best hospital, the staff is very kind and considerate. This hospital has the best tasting food I have ever eaten in a hospital, it is seasoned to perfection, hats off to the kitchen staff. Thank you. (a month ago)

Went to ER to get a suspicious lump checked out. I'm new to the area and this is the first time I've had to go to the hospital since I was underage and had a parent with me. Navigating it alone for the first time was an incredibly stressful and scary experience, as no one explained to me what was going on in terms of my care. I understand that they were busy and had other patients to see, but I would have liked to know what they were doing with regards to my heath. They left the IV in my arm, which is apparently very normal, but no one explained what they were doing or why, which led to mms panicking. When I needed a CT scan, they did not tell me what kind of scan I was getting, and had to figure it out from them talking about contrast dye. I had no idea what was going on the whole time I was there and was very obviously scared and crying in the waiting area until I was moved to a room. I will say that even though they did not explain anything to me initially, the nurses were still very nice and helpful when I had questions. The doctor who saw me seemed fairly dismissive and acted like he had better things to do than help me be reassured that this suspicious lump wasn't anything dangerous. They also did not inform me of the possible severe interactionthat could occur with my normal medication and what they prescribed and gave to me before discharging me, I had to learn about it from the pharmacist filling my prescription the next day after they had already given me the first dose. Overall, it seemed like they did not care about their patients being informed about the testing and treatments they prescribed, which certainly does not make me want to come back if I have another emergency. I'd rather risk going to a farther ER if this is how they treat scared patients. (2 months ago)

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