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News and Events. Suburban Only Hospital in the Region to Offer New, High-Tech CT Scanner The device allows for enhanced accuracy in screw placement and significantly ...

Suburban Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, MD.

Suburban Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Suburban Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The hospital has an excellent reputation for patient care, and the staff gives excellent customer service there are lots of employee managers working in that facility that are prejudice against African-Americans professionals especially a manager name Arthur Pierce who is the clinical manager on the EAU you Department which is a emergency observation unit. This man has yell at a first-time employee during his first first week and terminate the person without going through human resource . But the sad thing about it is that the human resource manager is Charmaine Williams who is black lady did nothing and pretend nothing so what does that tell you what her position is all about . . From my experience I will expect the human resource coordinator to be in charge instead is to managers on a floor that is in charge and they violate the rules when it comes to policies. So if I was you I was very careful when I go there because it's not what they look like who they are and who is in control (in the last week)

So I'm here and I'm not sure what I just witnessed. A Latina walks into the emergency room and doesn't speak any English. She says "speak Spanish please" and the male attendant just looks at her shakes his head as to say "no". The Latina looks around the waiting area to see if she sees any other patients who may be bilingual. Like, what!? I need answers because maybe I'm over thinking this situation. Update: I found this on their website.. Translation Services All patients have a right to have medical information about their care translated into a language they understand. Suburban Hospital provides translation services in any language via a specially designed phone interpretation service. The system allows a conversation to be translated by a certified medical interpreter via a three-way phone. The interpreter can identify the language needed for translation and provide the interpretation. For more information about the system, visitors or patients can ask any nurse on the patient care unit. (4 months ago)

My brother in law was admitted after suffering a motorcycle accident with the other driver leaving the scene and leaving him on the road by himself. Once we got into Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland he was quickly treated and taken care of by the rest of the staff here. The issue I have here is the way Scott Rehrig acted towards my family and my brother in law. Once they started to clean his wounds and road rash my Brother in law was using some profanity while dealing with the pain but not directing any hostilities towards anyone. This is when Scott came to tell him to shut up and after we the family reacted to that he continued to not show any sympathy towards the situation and told us he was an idiot and was probably drinking when the accident happened. He also went ahead and said "he should grow up" after that we told him he was in pain and that we could tell him to not use profanity and we would work with that but he approached and told my sister in law "that's not pain, I can take you to the back and show you pain." He then left, then came back and stared down my brother before coming back out and telling us that he will show him what real pain is. This caused a tense confrontation with him calling security and threatening to call the police to remove my brother in law from the hospital where he was receiving treatment. The family and I decided it wasn't worth escalating the situation and just worried moreso for the condition of our brother so we left the emergency room. On the way out we asked for his name and he smiled and mumbled his name then said "that's not how it works around here, I run things" so we left the room and spoke with the Charge Nurse to file a complaint. I understand the strenuous shifts and job that these surgeons have here but under no circumstances should personal opinions nor lack of tact come into play when it comes to the patient. He should have never called my Brother in Law an idiot, a punk and accusing him of being drunk after having a hit and run happen to him with a full police report and witnesses. I've been to this Hospital in the past as a patient and had the best experience as possible with my broken femur. Having this situation arise has left me in shock with total disbelief that a hospital of this standing would allow a surgeon with his attitude work on patients whom need treatment. I would have understood had he asked kindly to stop the profanity first before this all happened but he jumped the gun and came with such malicious actions that I can't rest assured that he will be treating difficult patients with care and kindness. (a month ago)

I took my boyfriend to the ER department on a Saturday night. He had a bad case of hives. The nurse and PA definitely cared about him and both showed great bedside manner. The wait wasn't long, thank God. I also asked questions and they were so polite and kind. Wish the ER rooms were a little bigger. I kept feeling I was in the way when they needed to reach for the IV. One thing i didn't like is that I then noticed the cart in the room had blood on it!!!! I then got paranoid and just sat very still in that tiny ER room, lol. His situation was taken care of :) (3 months ago)

Idy the nurse tech at suburban was awesome She did a great job taking care of my mom. Thank you off. AMAR THE NURSE WAS TOO GOOD AND HE MADE MY MOM RELAX AND SHE FELT COMFORTABLE AROUND HIM. HES A GOOD NURSE Kat Dudley from.4300 was amazing. She was awesome.and helpful. She made the day fast and did a great job. She really cared. Also Damien and Elaine are amazing techs. They cared so much and Damien morning with a smile on his face. Damien. My nurse Deandre or deidre was the most help. She brought out the good in me. I will forever be greatful to deidre she is sooo so caring and kind. Antoinette Thomas is by far the best phlebotomist she was so smart and caring. The best hands down. Apolline Kolani was a very good nurse she took care of me like I was family. She was smart and very talented. She deserves a promotion. I had a nurse named Dia also she was very strict and cared a lot. I honestly enjoyed Dias company and her smart wits. Dia made suburbañ hospital an enjoyable.experience for me. Safu the head nurse wàs.kind and smart too The male.nurse raymond he was nice and smart. I had a tech named Herman sarpong who was so helpful and kind. He made it easy for me. He would bring me juice at 2 am if I asked. Thank you Herman aka he man. Now back to my nurse deidre or deandre the night nurse. At first I thought she was mean, but she cared. She has helped me fight my addiction with tough love. Dia and Deidre are amazing and good nurses. Suburban hospital needs to recognize dia and deidre for there skills and there nursing techniques. Thank you. Elaine and Tadde were exceptional. Maricel was a very caring nurse. She was smart and helpful. Sharon okeke was my nurse for one night and she was fantastic!!! Terry bridgewater was the best physical therapist. She is soo smart. Thank you Samad casskm (3 weeks ago)

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