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Suburban Community Hospital has been caring for patients in and around Montgomery County for more than 65 years. Experience excellent care today!

Suburban Community Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Montgomery County, PA.

Suburban Community Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Suburban Community Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - church hospital.

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Sheree Wylie is the best patient account representative I have ever spoken with. She has helped me with medical bill issues in such a painless way, and every time I call her with a question, she answers it quickly and last time she said if I ever need help with anything insurance related I can call her or just come in and she will help me apply (Medicaid). She deserves a raise. (8 months ago)

Horrible experience after 2 ER visits 2 days in a row i wasn't admitted for a Blocked kidney stone sent home the first day(. After CT scans blood test etc ) .with no antibiotics.. Only pain meds ..2nd day my fever was over 104.5, I arrived via ambulance the very next afternoon I still was not treated for an obvious Kidney infection. Due to the blocked stone till after 2 am when i went into Septic shock..and almost died .was on life support and in icu for almost 3 weeks then a few days in a regular room suffered Gangrene in Fingers and toes .still have no feeling in toes and 3 fingers i almost died and lost 60 % of my hair i could go on and on .A few of the Doctors were great but only 1 nurse was .I was so sick and they almost killed when if given a antibiotic tc..None of this would happen also .Never informed My Primary care doctor who has a office in that So called Hospital..and then had to go to a Rehab facility after .Im still not the same and i would never recommend The ER there ..they wasted so much time complaining about the meds (calling my pharmacy etc . have been on for yrs ).. That after a ct scan and routine blood etc .all done the day before they sent me home ..and still didn't treat me for the severe kidney infection till after 2 am .and my blood pressure dropped so low .I went into Septic shock / Spetis.. my life and Health are still not the same , suffering. Pain and loss of wages and not to mention the Mountain of bills .and i am lucky im alive When it was Mercy Suburban it was fine ..Never ever go there ..for a Emergency..Like I said some of my Doctors are affiliated with that place but i would never go to the ER or Be admitted for anything ..Horrible Nightmare (4 months ago)

A really great experience. I had an outpatient visit at this hospital for vericose vein surgery and everyone from registration to the nurese and doctors were very nice and professional. I really don't like needles and am nervous going under anesthesia. They made me feel calm and assured. Ellen, Rose and of course my doctor who performed the operation, who I trust completely, are all professional and belong in their chosen field. (9 months ago)

The visit for xrays went very well, the billing on the other hand...very poor. I spent 20 min waiting while they entered my insurance info into the computer system. I received a bito the insurance company and if i dont pay they will send me to collections. What a joke...I would not recommend this place unless you are paying out of pocket and who does that? (6 months ago)

My son broke his arm playing baseball, we were seen promptly in the E.R. and the staff were professional and very nice. I was very satisfied. Update: ER doctor diagnosed my son with green stick fracture, turns out after 10 years of age you can't get this type of fracture, actual diagnoses was a buckle fracture according the big league docs at chop. (a year ago)

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