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Strong Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Monroe County, NY.

Strong Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Strong Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Overall the birth of my daughter went well and I was impressed by most of the nurses, even though check-in at triage was not the smoothest to say the least. However anytime you need to deal with support staff at the hospital for appointments, billing, receptionist, etc., it's a frustrating and they are usually rude (you're definitely not at Disney!). Also they sent me a menacing letter about a denied insurance claim for the birth of my daughter because she was not on my insurance. I received the letter before she was 3 weeks old and the insurance supposedly declined the claim before she was even a week old and it was only 3 days after we had left the hospital! I say "supposedly" because the insurance company says no claim was submitted for her, so who knows! Advice to the hospital: YOU SHOULD NOT BILL SO QUICKLY for a newborn AND IT WOULD AVOID upset parents when it takes them at least a week to have their newborn added to the policy. It gets back dated to their birth date, so wait an extra week or two to bill and before sending a letter for no coverage!!!!! Or change the wording to a friendly reminder to ensure the newborn is added to the insurance policy. (in the last week)

my experience with Strong hospital was a deeply personal one. The stafff there treated me like a human and were very kind and helpful to my needs. today i still associate with them on an outpatient basis. God Bless them. (a week ago)

My baby was seen in the pediatric er here and the doctors, nurses, parking, and the other staff were so nice!!!! My baby was seen fast and they treated him wonderful!!! Every time we come here my baby is treated wonderful!!!!! They are great and I wish I can thank everyone who made our visit to the er be non stressful. Thanks staff ๐Ÿ˜ Five stars are not enough (a week ago)

My mother was brought to the ED by ambulance and after a cat scan I was told she had a severe brain bleed of which she would not recover from. The care in the ED was excellent. My mother was moved to a room on the 5th floor so we could say goodbye. The staff again was very caring to us and to make sure my mother was comfortable and pain free. My mother passed the following morning peacefully. The issue is I was told by nursing staff that someone from the morgue would be calling me so I could tell them which funeral home would be picking her up. Well three days later I havent heard a word. I called the hospital info number and was told I would have to call the morgue myself(I had no problem with that). I have been calling the number I was given and no one answers the phone. No answering machine,does not transfer to answering service. It just rings and rings.I decided to call the hospital social workers and got a recording with four choices none of which related to my predicament.I don't know who else to call. I understand that Strong is a busy teaching hospital but this is unacceptable. (2 months ago)

Absolutely ridiculous. My husband and I went to visit our grandfather today, who has been in emergency for 18 HOURS. The woman at the check-in desk was very nice, but would not let both of us go to his room because there were already 2 people with him. Those 2 people were his wife and son, who was translating for him because he only speaks Italian. The hospital's suggestion was to take turns visiting, except how would this work if a doctor came in and needed to ask our grandfather questions when our uncle had to sit out in the waiting room because we were visiting, and we don't speak enough Italian to be a translator? Seems like an exception should have been made, even if it was only for 15 minutes. And, I wont even go into the fact that it's been 18 HOURS since our grandfather went into the emergency room, was told he was going to be kept overnight, and still hasn't been moved out of emergency. In the future if I ever need a hospital for my family, it won't be Strong. (4 months ago)

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