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23901 LAHSER

Straith Hospital For Special Surgery is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Oakland County, MI.

Straith Hospital For Special Surgery does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Straith Hospital For Special Surgery is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My older sister stayed here and I must say the experience was excellent. It's definitely not a huge hospital like some of the surrounding hospitals but the care was great. Sometimes you can get lost in a huge hospital but lilterally her room was just a minute down from the lobby. She had a good experience with the physical therapy she received. I liked the nice sized patient rooms. Also nice to have refreshments available for waiting family members. (a month ago)

I visited my aunt while she was in the rehab program.The staff was professional , and she liked the food. The complimentary beverages in the cafeteria for visitors was a nice touch. overall it was a great experience. (2 weeks ago)

I waited a few months to write this review to make sure I was receiving consistent quality care. I must say that my experience with the Straith Interventional Pain Clinic has been excellent. Everyone is great, from check in to post op. Dr. Drelles is fantastic. He explains all procedures thoroughly so that you know exactly what to expect, there aren’t any surprises. The staff are professional, funny and make you feel at ease. My pain is being controlled and I have not felt this great in a long time. What a great experience this has been. Thank you Straith Interventional Pain Clinic!!! (a month ago)

my mom had great results in this place 4 years ago. the no car in parking lot was spooky. nursing staff was just hanging out between there real life but rehab therapy was great. I was thinking of sending another family member here but changed my mind. I called in early September about service and referring hospital never got call back. (6 months ago)

Very, Very disappointed. I don't even know where to begin with how disgusted I am in this place. My 80 year old grandma came here for a short rehab assignment, after fracturing her pelvic bone in 2 places. First, this place is no where near clean at all!! The nurses were suppose to be helping my grandma get to & from the bathroom since she could not walk without assistance. They failed to do that so she took it upon herself & had an accident. Not only did they fail to help her get to the bathroom, but they failed to clean up after her as well. She got poop all over the bathroom & it took them HOURS to clean it. The poop got on the shower curtain & stayed there for so long, that it actually stained the shower curtain. A week later and it is still there. & Lets not forget she shared a room with another lady. So that lady couldn't even use the bathroom for hours because of the mess. Upon walking in, there was a bed pan wih urine still in it amd tissue just sitting on the toilet.. Completely unsanitary. There is no excuse as to why the room was not cleaned before anyone entered it. Secondly, the staff here lack responsibility. My grandma is on multiple medications. One being, blood pressure medication. Which she is suppose to be taking in the morning. The nurses failed to give her the medication. Upon taking her vitals, her blood pressure read at 194/90 by noon.. My grandma even told them she didn't feel right & they still failed to give her the medication until she was about to go to bed for the night. That day my mother in law went to visit her & was told about her blood pressure & one of the nurses there named Jackie told my grandma not to tell her own daughter what her blood pressure was. Why is that? Sounds sneaky to me. She has every right to know about the well being of her own mother.. Not only do they lack responsibility with cleaning and making sure medication is being given when its needed, not just when it is convienient but the staff is absolutely rude! My aunt came to cut my grandmas hair and was told to use a specific room. Well, poor communication with the other staff led to a male staff getting into my aunts face, yelling and screaming. Now, I can go on and on. But all in all, this is by far the worst hospital I have ever encountered. If you or a family member is looking into this place, I really encourage you to look else where. I have no idea where these other good reviews came from, but I personally cannot say one good thing about this place at all! Horrible, Disgusting, & Way to shady! The director has been spoken with as well! (3 months ago)

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