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Stoughton Hospital has provided experienced physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians and staff for personalized, forward-thinking, expert healthcare.

Stoughton Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Dane County, WI.

Stoughton Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Stoughton Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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We took our 10 year old son here...we usually go to UW ER as he has a complicated medical history, but knowing how it is at the UW urgent care/ER this time of year, we decided to go to Stoughton Urgent Care to get him checked over. I’m so glad we did. The new department is so nice and clean. It was quiet. They had an AccuVein finder light which made getting an IV in my child easy...versus begging the UW to stop poking my child and to get someone experienced enough to start an IV. He/We received amazing service (Dr. Dean and Marcie, RN) and even though he ultimately needed his appendix out, and we needed to be transported to UW Children’s Hospital, it was a million times better experience than the UW Urgent care/ER. THANK YOU!! (3 months ago)

I can say im extremely dissapointed with not only the care Ive recieved but the customer service as well. After years of care with them i will refuse to recieve healthcare before returning to Stoughton Hospital. I have been talked down to by doctors, especially calling out Dr. Benjamin Sugar. I have been laughed at by members in financial care for trying to set up a payment plan and they have REDICULOUS upcharge in comparison to the other hospitals I've recieved care and even in comparison to the UW. Where you recieve excellent top of the line care. I DO NOT recommend you waste your money here where you will pay 500$ to get a strep throat swab but only 300$ to get a C.T. scan in emergency. I have multiple times left with a quick diagnosis just to get me out of the doors and thrown on symptom relieving drugs but not having them look into the problem. Theyre first concern is money last concern is your actual health. I am disgusted. (3 months ago)

Over the past 3 months I have had to undergo 2 different surgeries, one emergent and one non-emergent. They were both performed at Stoughton Hospital. The first surgery was done very early on a Saturday morning. Once they determined I  needed surgery they had a surgical team assembled and in no time I was in the operating room averting what could have been much more serious situation for me. My second surgery was an elective surgery. On both of these occasions I was on the 3rd floor post surgery. What a great bunch of dedicated, caring, compassionate folks work there. They were all wonderful! Everyone I encountered was a pleasure to meet. We are also extremely fortunate to have Dr. John Rogerson and his staff here. They are the best! My sincerest thanks and gratitude to each and every one of them.   I just wanted to let everyone know what a top notch medical facility we have available to us in Stoughton. (11 months ago)

Staff was nice but very disorganized went in for an infusion 2 different days they didn't even know I was coming didn't even know if they had the medication very terrible service doctor really didn't tell me anything that was going on either unprofessional lucky something didn't happen or I would have sued for malpractice I was supposed to be on a scheduled infusion treatment every 8 hours and they didn't even know when my next treatment was (a month ago)

This review is for the Stoughton Hospital Sleep Test Clinic/Center. Not the Stoughton Hospital in general. Most people that works here are friendly, competent and provide good services, except for this one center. I'm just perplexed by my recent experience. When a costumer call this center, you'll get a recorded message that will say, " U have reach the Stoughton Hospital Sleep Disorder Center, we are proud to provide you with exceptional personalize service." What a joke.! This is very comical.! This falls in the oxymoronic category.! Lol..! What kind of exceptional personalize service is that.? Every time a costumer calls this center of yours can't get a live person to talk to just schedule an appointment. I understand that this center is not open during business hours, If an attendant does not fit in your budget, why not change the recorded message..that reach the Stoughton H. Sleep center... Sorry we're not open during regular business hours, if you leave your name, no. best time to call you. That is what u call exceptional quality service.! But know what, I tried calling many times at night, no success, it took me 3 weeks ( phone tags) to finally get connected to a live person. With my frustrations with your process, I then decided to call UW Health clinic, I got connected to a live person for the first time then got scheduled for an appointment the same day. This center of yours have a sleep disorder problems, needed a doctor to fix the problem. 😊 (9 months ago)

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