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WESTON, WV 26452

Welcome From CEO Avah Stalnaker Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital has been serving the heart of central West Virginia since 1972. Stonewall Jackson Memorial ...

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Lewis County, WV.

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

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ER prices are unreal, $534 for a visit, so make sure you have insurance or go to regular doctor, when my back started hurting, I went there and the lady said if you are hurting there is nothing we can do for you. She woumd saybit again on camera, she just turned her back and walked back through the doors, 1 year later back still hurts and getting surgery (6 months ago)

My son was there for 1 visit. They sent me a bill and I paid it. Meanwhile the insurance also paid, leaving a credit on our acct. I have called and left multiple messages for someone in that dept to just return my call and am still waiting. I also sent a message within their Facebook which they stated they would have a supervisor call me, still nothing. It's not even about the refund at this point, it's about months worth of incompetence. (a year ago)

I like how the hospital has the right to turn your act into a collection agency without any TYPE OF NOTIFICATION and then be told that its still ok to make a payment with them... I was informed tthis morninththat the information given to me is INCORRECT.... WOWWW I will NEVER GO TO THAT HOSPITAL AGAIN (10 months ago)

But I've been seen in ER and has my family And we receive great care except for one Nurse in that department. Her name is Joan -don't know last name. She worked tonight 7/3/17 around 7;45 pm she is so hateful and mean spirited, On several occasions she has been down right disrespectful. But tonight was the worse, when she came into the room she was loud and it startled me and I said your so loud and in her condescending way said we'll excuse me and then she said all you have is a headache and I said no I have a migraine and my BP was extremely high that's why I came in. Then she started pushing meds and I asked what it was because I'm sensitive to many drugs - her responds was it's what dr ordered -ok but what I asked you is what you are giving me - she finally said it, and again said it's only a headache it's not a big deal - I just looked at her and shook my head - then We asked her to push meds slow cuz my condition gets overwhelmed with meds and causes more issues - she looked at me and said I know my job. I'm just dumbfounded by her lack of empathy, respect and caring . I'm wondering why she's a nurse . Then as I am being discharge she asked if meds helped I said not much. Then she got rude again and my husband finally had enough and said why are being so damn rude- she got hostile and he said your being rude and bitchy to my wife who is pain for no reason. My husband tried to explain what meds in the past have worked on my pain and what hasn't that's when she called my husband a liar and again she got loud and disrespectful -my husband again said you are so rude then She stormed out and made another nurse come in. I know employees there and I've asked about her to make sure it wasn't just us and they say the same thing " she rude and mean to patients and disrespectful to staff. I don't know how she is still there. I hope you will investigate her performance because she is rude and should not be around patients Sent from Cindy Jo (a year ago)

If you want fast treatment.... don't go to SJMH. Go to a real hospital. I heard their merging with Mon General. I now will never go to Mon General. If you want real, fast treatment, with professional skilled doctors and staff go to WVU or UHC. I was there 3-4 weeks ago. I could not believe the amount of stink bugs I saw in the hospital. If they have stink bugs...what do you think the infection control is like? I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. (a year ago)

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