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Stone County Hospital is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Stone County, MS.

Stone County Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Stone County Hospital is a proprietary hospital.

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I’m a truck driver. I live three hours from this hospital. Came in with a kidney stone. These folks took great care of me. Dale was a great nurse and I’d stop here anytime if I needed attention. Thanks guys. (3 weeks ago)

Avoid this place unless you have no other options. Aside from the lack of professionalism and courtesy, the staff here seems to intentionally neglect and ignore their patients. They make you feel like you're an inconvenience to them for needing their services. There is no urgency even when it's an emergency. When asking a doctor for any information they may have on the health condition of my family member and if they think they will be able to go home, I get a look from him like I asked a stupid question and caused an inconvenience by being concerned and I get a very rude response in return with "she's sick, she'll go home when she's better" then quickly turning around to leave and slamming the door to avoid having to hear a reply from us. A tiny bit of compassion would go a long way at this place. Maybe throw in a smile from the staff here and there like patients aren't a burden to them. My suggestion for anyone considering going here is to make the trip to Gulfport or Hattiesburg if you can survive another 30 minutes and feel confident that you're getting better treatment than you would have gotten at SCH. (5 months ago)

I was admited in hospital having to have a very lg boil on back on head and neck lanced. Im type 1 diabetic. The doc was great but the nursing staff was the worse i have ever seen. I had a leaking iv the nurse turned it off n said she was going to lunch. That is just one example of how horrible and the laziness of the nursing staff. I would die before i would go back to that hospital. (7 months ago)

Overall this hospital, in my experience, has been the worst hospital I have ever seen in my life. Overall, 1 star. Although, in real deal emergency life or death scenarios, I would give them 4 stars, because they saved my sisters life twice. So, why give them 1 start, well yesterday another 1 of my sisters went there and was told she had a stomach virus, I suggested to my sister to go down to Garden Park in Gulfport. She was actually experiencing a life threatening obstruction which was being caused by several hernias. One day, this hospital is gonna find themselves in a major law suite, it's just a matter of time before they kill someone by their unwillingness to be more thorough with their patience. They are in some serious need of a wake up call. (10 months ago)

Quite honestly, I am amazed by the poor reviews. We were at a band competition in a nearby community when my husband started experiencing severe abdominal pain. He was taken to Stone County ER, and received the best care possible. He was admitted to an ER room quickly, and his pain was well controlled during his entire visit. The ER doctor and nurse were two of the most compassionate gentlemen I have ever encountered, and the staff bent over backwards to make us feel at ease. I am very grateful for everything they did for us and would highly recommend this facility. (3 years ago)

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