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Learn more about the high-quality health care provided to area residents by Staten Island University Hospital, part of Northwell Health.

Staten Island University Hospital is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Richmond County, NY.

Staten Island University Hospital does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

Staten Island University Hospital is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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Monday Open 24 hours
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The hospital is full of caring people. Of course like anything there will be a few bad apples. The hospital is one of only 3 on the island and only 1 of 2 level 1 trauma centers. The expectations of people far exceeds what any employee can keep up with. The hospital has times where they will be understaffed and overwhelmed with patients. The Emergency room is split into sections. Just because you feel like you're being ignored doesn't mean that that is what is happening. They're could have been an incoming trauma which is more important than a toothache. If you're in a hallway waiting don't blame the staff. It's your fellow islanders in the same or worse position as you seeking help. Nurses are cursed out by people who want food at 2 in the morning so you might come across one who is in a bad mood. To me I've been to a few hospitals and comparing them SIUH is one of the better ones. Doctors are what counts. You have the rite to ask for a new doctor at any time. There are also many urgent care centers. Relate your information to the doctors clearly and they do there best to help you. There are millions of things that can cause an illness and they have to figure it out. Not the easiest job. Be proactive! Get your physician to give you physical, get vaccinated and stay safe. If the unfortunate occurs be patient and be ready to answer the same questions 10 times. It only gives you the opportunity to remember or clarify a past occurrence or present symptom. Best of luck. Stay healthy and stay safe. (3 weeks ago)

Amazing staff from labor and delivery!!! My wife had a C section and the nurses were super warm and helpful..... The anesthesiologist was also a sweetheart!!! Clean and again people are super sympathetic..from the security guard to the nurses! Would definitely recommend to a friend! (in the last week)

The only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because of the triage nurse. It took her for ever to get to me even though I was the only one there but over all I had a good experience at this hospital. I went into the emergency complaining of sever stomach pain. The emergency doctor came to see me right away. After a ct scan and ultrasound I was told that I have stones in my gallbladder and that they need to remove my gallbladder in an emergency surgery. Over the experience was good. The doctors were very nice and the nurses were very nice as well. I would highly recommend this hospital. (2 months ago)

Just left the building around 12:30pm. This is one of the best hospitals that I’ve been too. Today was mother’s day which lands on a Sunday and the nurses and doctor were still concentrating on treating the ill. When I thought I was ready to leave, the doctor checked my lungs once more and gave me a nebulizer treatment along with pregnasol to make sure I was okay. He also gave me a prescription for both of those medications for when I get home to treat my upper respiratory infection. I wanted to include the doctors name in this review but I forgot to ask, he was a representation of what a good, hard working, doctor is! Thank you! (a week ago)

I had hip surgery about a week ago, and I wanted to acknowledge the staff who were there for me. I want to thank everyone, from the security guard at the entrance, every medical staff member and all the support staff that help to make it all work smoothly together. The kindness, the concern and the genuine care that I received helped to make my stay pleasant and very therapeutic. I am home now and recovering well. I want to give a shout out to Monica (Nurse) in the recovery room after my surgery. She took care of me and was very patient with me and my pain. Also, The 4th floor, B Side (Stacy, Jessica, Ellen (both of them), Lodu, Christina and all the staff who I can't remember their names from the 3rd shift. You guys made feel really welcomed and cared for. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! These individuals are very much appreciated by me. (a month ago)

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