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St. Vincent's Medical Center Southside, Jacksonville, FL, St. Luke's

St Vincent's Medical Center Southside is one of the acute care hospitals/facilities located in Duval County, FL.

St Vincent's Medical Center Southside does have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Vincent's Medical Center Southside is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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My father has been in and out of St. Vincent’s for a long time (due to age and health). The whole staff is awesome. I did want to give special recognition to Nurse Cody on 3 south. He is amazing! Very personable with my father and us-listens to our concerns. Thank you. (2 months ago)

They are awful. They did not have my correct address or make an attempt to verify it. They did not bill the ER Contractors Doctors and said it was my responsibility. So it was placed in collections. They removed it from from collections but it is still on my credit history. My credit score took a nose dive from 833 into the 700 hundreds . This should nod not happen. I need it removed from my credit report. They had some DR in the ER show up with a wrinkled plaid shirt. He looked like a redneck mechanic not a DR. They did not diagnose me properly. My blood counts were off but the mechanic did not take that into consideration Don't go there. (a month ago)

My 18 month old son had a 104 fever and a rash all over his body. Rushed to the closest ER that unfortunately was st Vincent. They did a chest X-ray (why I’m not sure cause he hadn’t had the slightest cough) and tried to get a urinalysis but after 4 1/2 hours they couldn’t get him to go so they just diagnosed him with a viral lung infection and sent him home. Which made no sense because that can’t be determined with just a chest X-ray. Took him to his pediatrician the next day just for them to laugh at their diagnosis within 30 seconds of looking at him and said it was hand foot mouth disease, common and not serious but for all we know he could have had a life threatening illness and they just wanted to get my child out of there. This is also the hospital that SENT MY MOTHER HOME WITH TUBERCULOSIS. Fantastic hospital. If you care for your loved ones, avoid this place at all cost. (a month ago)

If I could give a zero I would. The nurses when a patient comes out of surgery are slower than molasses and the care they have for their patients is on existent 1 hour after surgery finally seen, meanwhile a chunk of nurses are sitting yapping about personnel stuff or complaining. Plenty of time to actually care and do their jobs... horrible care and not sure they know how to handle a patient's pain when they come out of surgery. Unbelievable!!! 3rd back surgery (and much more), so we know the process well. Husband is retired military and is definitely the exact opposite of a malingerer. Day crew seemed a tad better. Hospital so far has been decent for all other services, but surgery not so much. AND since getting cut 3 x 4" cuts is apparently not bad. He is being discharged tomorrow with 3 days of management.......thx Florida. That part is on legislators, but the hospital personnel are under control. Don't get me wrong, there are some great docs and nurses, but those few ruin it. Also, they don't have necessary beds to accommodate a 6'5 guy... My husband can't have a nurse come in his room to check on him by themselves without me coming out nag on them... I wish they cared about their patients as much as they should. So ready to be out of here. (in the last week)

I am very disappointed in the care given to my daughter at the Birth Center. How do you discharge a new mom 2 days after with a csection and then not even 24hrs later. She is admitted into Baptist hospital with a infection in her stomach and lungs. It's just not fair that her and her newborn baby have been separated and now we have no idea when mom and baby with be back together. The staff and nurses were great but I just don't understand how this wasn't caught before she was discharged. Not to mention she called you guys for help because she was in pain and nobody could help her because she was already discharged. (2 weeks ago)

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