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St. Vincent's St. Clair; St. Vincent's Primary Care : Welcome to the online home of St. Vincent's Blount. ... St. Vincent's Health System, Alabama.

St Vincents Blount is one of the critical access hospitals/facilities located in Blount County, AL.

St Vincents Blount does not have an emergency room. They use electronic medical records.

St Vincents Blount is a voluntary non-profit - private hospital.

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The service has been great for my mom. Rated a three for the quality of the food in cafeteria and how expensive it is for food. Having to pay full price for three meals a day gets expensive. Wished they had at least a discount card for sitters that stay with loved ones while they are in hospital. We help out a lot in caring for loved ones to make it easier on you guys. We should be able to afford to eat here while we stay. Disappointed. (3 months ago)

My son went in with a very itchy rash that kept spreading. He was sent home with prescriptions for three different diagnosis. He visited the health department with a friend and was diagnosed with scabies. Recently a close friend has had several abdominal pain, she was told she needed to loose weight after waiting 8 hours to be seen. I rushed my son to the ER for sizures he's started having with his diabetes he could barely walk. I was told had I called an ambulance they could have got him straight back sooner for us to take a seat. Thirty minutes went by and I had to show myself to get the nurse to come to the waiting room. The nurse flipped out when his sugars were so low that the readings didn't register. The lady at the desk just acted as if she just hates her job. (2 months ago)

My mother has COPD and it has been acting up and she has been coughing severely. I took her in yesterday to the er and all they did was give her a breathing treatment, prescribe her a steroid, and send her home. The only reason i took her there was it is the only one in the county. NEVER going back. (a month ago)

Would give 5 if nurses came around to check up on patients a little more often! Usually don't see anyone (unless i call, that i don't like doing for everything little thing) sometimes 3 hours. Great, friendly, and caring staff!! (3 months ago)

I have been sitting in the ER for 3 & a half hours waiting to get my foot x-rayed. Dr came out in the waiting room an hour ago and said they were going to get it x-rayed soon so I could have results if I ever do get in a room...still nothing. No triage no x-ray nothing going on 4 hours!! (a month ago)

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